Jardin Blanc (1988)
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMaître Parfumeur et Gantier

About Jardin Blanc

Jardin Blanc is a feminine perfume by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988

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Of the obligatory offerings in the white floral genre that most perfume houses feel compelled to have in their range, here is the umpteenth, which while competent, sticks firmly in the middle of the road.
Jasmine-led with hints of honeysuckle in the early stages, it at first seems limpid and transparent but then the white floral tendency to ever-greater volume asserts itself as the minutes turn into hours. The jasmine itself gets fattier and more indolic in the expression though never quite losing a weird just switched off hairdryer smell that seems to hang around it. It all gets a bit unrelenting after a while, even though the starring jasmine is halfway decent.
Life’s too short for such singlemindedness, I feel, and I was left craving some variation in tone, a bit of depth to accompany the volume.
29th January, 2016
the drydown on this man is wonderful. One of the most sensual fragrances i wear, when hunting for the ladyfolk
15th July, 2015
cacophony of white florals and jasmine fighting for which one overpowers the other. This struggle doesn´t make it a pleasant smell, it never settles down. It´s loud and messy. I think it would need something to balance this out and ground the two scents that overpower so you can wear it comfortably, the honeysuckle or orange blossom that I thought I noticed isn´t strong enough to do it.
16th February, 2009
Jubal Show all reviews
United States
I have had a hard time finding my HG of floral white fragrances, but Jardin Blanc may be it! I know lilacs since they grow in monstrous quantities in our area and I smell not a note of lilac in this.

To me it is a glorious accord of jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang and some honeysuckle. The sillage is good yet couldn't offend anyone and on my scent eating skin it actually lasts for hours.

I love Goutal's Gardenia Passion and so have spent many dollars and lots of hours looking for something similar. I followed all the usual suspects, Fracas, Estee Lauder Private Collection, and many other recommended florals and been very unimpressed with them all.

Then I finally found Jardin Blanc and shouted Bingo! This is a beautiful white floral, it isn't cloying, strongly indolic or headache inducing, it is just sheer perfection to my olfactory senses!
26th September, 2008
O.K. QUARRY & FOETIDUS, Three's a charm...I couldn't agree with you more!
17th October, 2007
Quarry’s review is spot on. There is a burst of pleasantness (lilac she says—I can’t disagree) which quickly dissipates into some chaotic mélange that features jasmine with a relatively long-lasting indole ambiance: Close to the skin, I get a noticeable fecal odor from the indole for a couple of minutes, but the fragrance’s sillage, which is quite strong, doesn’t seem to display that particular uninviting aroma. Neither the white florals in the top notes nor the jasmine and ylang-ylang (I don’t smell the ylang-ylang) in the middle form accords that can compete with several of the better white floral fragrances from several fragrance houses. Jardin Blanc doesn’t seem either feminine or masculine—or even unisex for that matter. It just seems characterless and irrelevant. It won’t be difficult to find much better white florals than this one.
15th October, 2007

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