Rose Opulente (1988)
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMaître Parfumeur et Gantier

About Rose Opulente

Rose Opulente is a feminine perfume by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988

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Stardate 20170217:

I have no idea who would buy this. Liquid hand soaps use better rose than this.
Synthetic, plastic rose

17th February, 2017
Recently I’ve had a run of testing guns blazing, headlights flaring, wham bam roses – and have enjoyed every minute of it. This is not one of them. Opulent is also not the first term that comes to mind when wearing this. It’s a soft, yet present, comfort scent for me.
It has echoes of Ormonde Jayne’s superb Ta’if in the opening but without its definition and depth. This is cushiony and a bit of a cloud. After a peppery rose start, it quickly gets enveloped in gentle, musky, powdery tones. It’s the Vaseline-on-the-lens effect which makes the rose quite bleary but also has a kinder aspect of making the world feel safer, without sharp edges. And that is the main charm of Rose Opulente; it feels like one’s own space or that reassuring layer of makeup that some people can’t leave home without.

Notes according to MPG website
Top Notes : Fruity Aldehydes, Leaf Green, Rose Essence
Heart Notes : Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Cascarilla
Base Notes : Musks, Grey Amber, Sandal Wood
24th March, 2016
Rose Opulente starts off with a strong waxy rose note; like lanolin based rose scented hand cream. Heavy, almost greasy. What might be perceived by some as spicy rose, on my skin turns sharp and acidic. Fortunately, this opening is fairly short lived - about 30-50 minutes - as this edt morphs into a sweet, cozy sandalwood. In the end, only a trace of the formerly bold rose remains. Funny, I couldn't wait for that rose note to calm down, once it did, I sort of missed it! This scent wouldn't be a personal choice of mine. I much prefer a dewy fresh and delicately soft blossom like I find in Stella's Rose Absolute or Lancome's Mille et une Roses. YSL'S Paris or Lancome's Tresor get my vote for a sparkling/effervescent rose. Yep. Those 4 are the best roses I know - so far!
14th October, 2007

The first explosion of rose note is a favorite interpretation of roses in my experience with fragrances. I love the particular timbre of it, but it is a little stronger than I ordinarily would prefer for my personal use – especially upon initial application. It settles down nicely but, once settled, the rose note seems to become a bit flat and somewhat washed out… Not content to stay that way, the rose eventually goes musky and powdery. When I first tested Rose Opulente, the jasmine and berries from the heart accord came through beautifully to add balance and clarity to the potent rose, but now they seem to have diminished and the rose note no longer yields to balance – it stays too prominent for my personal preferences. Even in the drydown, the sandalwood gets lost where it used to have a real presence. I still find Rose Opulente a quite nice rose scent, but I miss the sparkle and definition and superior rose note that I experienced when I first tested it. My bottle is the newer style so my increasingly neutral reaction might be the result of a reformulation issue. (Edit of 24 May 2007 review.)

24th May, 2007 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)

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