Jasmin (1988)
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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Jasmin is a feminine perfume by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988

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Mandy Aftel's jasmine solid perfume contains a really high quality natural grandiflorum jasmine absolute with a little pink grapefruit and blood orange in a raw beeswax base. Its beauty is extreme, and I paid money for it that I didn't really have just to have its euphoria-inducing smell accessible to me whenever I wanted it. So when I had some luggage stolen a few years ago, the only thing I was really upset about was the fact that my little sterling compact of this dear perfume was in it.

I open with a mention of the Aftel Jasmine, because having found it so deeply compelling, I recognize in Maitre's Jasmin a lot of the real grandiflorum jasmine absolute, as well, which WOULD account for its relatively poor longevity. For it isn't weak when you apply it, it just doesn't stick around for long, which is how the naturals tend to perform. That said, Maitre's EDP is a lot less expensive than wearing jasmine absolute (or the Aftel!) so I find it to be a decent solution for straight-ahead jasmine.

I do get a bit of rose in the very, very opening, which provides a Joy-like moment minus Joy's skank. This is not to say that it's without its own kind of skank, though - when worn in warm weather, I noticed a barber shop-like musk in the drydown that I really do not like. Afraid of repeating that musk experience, which could put me off of it for good, I now wear it layered with a favorite 80s green chypre, Molyneux Quartz, the sum of their parts creating an approximation of vintage Cristalle, a happy thing indeed!
11th March, 2016 (last edited: 17th April, 2016)
This is a sexy, sumptuous jasmine! It wears very sweet, resinous, and spicy on me and I just adore it, only one problem though, it does NOT last. Within an hour it dries down to a powdery, pleasant-enough white musk with absolutely no trace of jasmine. Other than the longevity issue I'm quite pleased with this as a blind buy, I'll just decant some into a purse atomizer and lavish myself throughout the day.
10th August, 2014
I really don't get the negative reviews here. Ubuandibeme's review is really spot-on in my opinion, in particular when it comes to the sweet side of jasmine being rendered drier, slightly more frugal. Jasmin is all I want on a hot, sultry summer night out in the garden. It's heady, intoxicating and smells very natural, rather straight-up jasmine to me. Perfect! I have not smelled a better jasmine soliflore to be honest.
07th March, 2014
I've got a bottle of MPG's Jasmin today. I cold get a very faint whiff of jasmine at the very first second, but it was gone so fast that what was left was what I could only label as "Eau the vielle dame". Very granny's indeed. And more: cheap and unpleasant. Disgusting. I had to wash my wrist to get rid of if the faster the better.
Reading the previous reviews, from people that really know a lot about perfume, I can only speculate that the flask I got from strawberrynet was not the real deal. Maybe.
I bought it in the dark, just because I am crazy about jasmine. But I could get none of it. But that was not the problem. I found the whole thing nauseating.
Both thumbs down.
14th December, 2013
Ah, MPG. They have some really great scents, but after feverishly collecting samples for years now, it's become clear that an awful lot of their line is bloated with unremarkable fruity florals. In their defense, they invented the genre back in the 80's (but never really got or took credit for it) so these pre-date the time now when these types of scents are synonymous with cheap perfume. I think most of us niche snobs tend to give MPG some sort of a free pass for perfumes like Jasmin, but I find that I'm growing quite sick of them.

Basically, Jasmin is a mix of green apple candy, unrealistic jasmine and perfumey faux flowers, somehow made tart and juicy. There's no base to speak of - the perfume just starts getting vaguely milky with time before fading. Sure, this is a niche perfume from 1988, but if I picked up one of those phat booty perfumes they sell at the checkout counter of the discount grocery store, it would be a strikingly similar mix of candy and unrealistic florals over a non-existant base. That comparison may be a little cruel, but I think it's time that has been cruel to MPG's fruity florals, not me.

I'd love to see MPG make a resurgence to prominence in the luxury niche market, but the only way that could happen is if they do some tight editing of their collection, weeding out the scents that smell cheap now and repackaging their remaining selection of truly excellent scents in better bottles with the nice metal and crystal caps that their cheap plastic ones pretend to be. I wish all the best for the ever-struggling MPG, but it's perfumes like this one that make me worry...
04th July, 2012
Jasmine is a floral note that lives within many fragrances spanning time and even gender. When a parfumer introduces this abundantly fragrant flower as the focal point of a scent, I'm all set to try it! Many times my nose meets with disappointment as so many of these so called "jasmines" contain a multitude of other notes that either overrun the jasmine, or flat out steal the jasmine's spotlight. With that said, you can tell I'm just a little bit picky!

In MPG's rendition Jasmin, the opening note of this flower is authentic, delicate and beautiful. It is accompanied by a touch of green, which IMO always compliments jasmine and enables it to sustain a certain quality of freshness. It is clearly sustained throughout the entire wearing, thus earning it's 'jasmin' name. Also living in this blend is a healthy dose of oakmoss. Oakmoss imparts a serious dry feeling, cutting away any excessive sweetness that may exist. It's enjoyable; a unique pairing. If you normally don't care for the scent of jasmine, this is truly a different presentation ~ completely worth trying. After sampling this juice on my body for a couple days, it is what some refer to as 'indolic'. I call it 'fleshy'. My recommendation is to give this one a serious trial - then decide for yourself. It is worthy of a fair wear!
27th October, 2007

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