Pheromone (1978)
    by Marilyn Miglin

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    I caved in to the hype in the 80s and bought a bottle. I loved the greenness and complexity of it, but there was a grittiness to it that made it hard for me to be satisfied wearing it alone. It is an unmistakable fragrance, and I can recognize it on anyone.

    Once I recognized that what I was missing in it was a floral topnote, I tried spraying it on with Perry Ellis 360, and really liked that combo. I wore the two together until I ran out.

    09 September, 2012

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    I really feel that Pheromone doesn't get the credit it deserves. In this age of candy and cookie scents, it's a challenging fragrance for the mature woman. It starts out strongly green and somewhat herbaceous. I don't get a great deal of spice, more floral and animalic. Have not tried the EdT, but have the EdP and pure parfum. The EdP has huge sillage and takes a while to settle but once it does, it's quite simply beautiful and soft with good longevity. The pure parfum is much softer and more dense but strangely no longer lasting than the EdP. I think if this fragrance had the double C's on it, people would be tripping over themselves to fork out $200 +++ for an exclusive. I also think if someone were blindfolded and sniffed it, they would think they were smelling something fabulous, vintage and discontinued. I hope it never changes in any way or is discontinued. Marilyn deserves a lot of credit for continuing to make this great classic when so many others have been kicked to the curb. My preference is for the parfum.

    27 February, 2011

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    Smells like a greener, flowery, version of Windsong. Both have that dusty earthiness to them. The men's version is very similar, only a lot drier and even "dustier" (think green dust.) I like the women's version, especially the bath oil, which I've used in the shower. I used to wear the men's Pheromone quit a bit, but then I was introduced to Lutens and others. Pheromone (men) has lost it's charm for me, but not entirely. It's very nice for when I want something green, arid and powdery. Women should try the male version, too. Either one is nice on a Fall day....when applied lightly. A heavy hand, however, would send you and everyone around you to the ER.

    22 October, 2010

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    Does anyone remember the buzz around this perfume when it first was released??
    It was the MOST expensive fragrance per-ounce at that time, displacing Patou's Joy.
    It was a landmark, and incorporated "pheromones", the emerging science-Zeitgiest of the late seventies ...purportedly the very basis for sexual attraction.

    The press was so intoxicating, I don't think I knew a woman or girl who didn't procure a bottle. But there was the odd feeling that something was amiss; we weren't talking about it right away (We still wanted to see if had magical powers over men,), but this stuff *really* stank. It smelled like liquor and medicated dog shampoo.
    Eventually, after its grand machine tired out (and we all just stank instead of increased out sex-appeals), "Pheremone" left perfume discourse. It became more or less a dime store/outlet scent.
    I think it's only still around, like Giorgo, because of its little place in history, because it was an *icon*... And maybe some ladies still believe it is enchanting.

    27 February, 2010

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    This is a fragrance for women like no other. My wife has worn Pheromone for approx 30 years and YES, people still ask her what it is. This is in a category of its own. It is pleasant and sexy at the same time. Once it has settled on the skin, it turns out to be a fragrance that is no other. There are "green" notes to it with some mild spice that is not "cloying" by any means. It's clean smelling but not "soapy". It would actually require many pages in order to fully describe Pheromone correctly. I will say this, like Chanel No5, Pheromone for women is also in a class by itself. Timeless !!!

    18 January, 2009

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    If I could have just one perfume, this would be it. I've had men around me, over the past 25 years, remark "Wow, you smell so GOOD!" when I was wearing it, and didn't think it smelled "like perfume" at all. (One boyfriend thought it smelled like "dawn" (as in daybreak, not the dishwash liquid). It goes on strongly floral, but with a soft green undertone to mellow it, and quickly fades down the a soft and powdery floral, in which no one note predominates or is readily distinguished. I find it very calming and soothing, especially if there has been a lot of stress to deal with in my life--put on some Pheremone and sit back with classical music and a glass of savignon blanc...

    02 February, 2007

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