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Mauboussin (2000)
by Mauboussin


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Year of Launch2000
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Parent CompanySelective Beauty
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Mauboussin

Mauboussin is a feminine perfume by Mauboussin. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Mauboussin

I really love this big, long-lasting perfume. But I don't smell Jasmine or rose or fruit at all, or vanilla. I smell patchouli and fire and an ambery note at the bottom. Patchouli is not my favorite note by a long shot, precisely because as in this perfume it tends to take over the whole show on my skin. But somehow, in Mauboussin I love it. Combined with the kind of burning leaves smell I get from this it works. Reminds me of another patchouli bomb, Queen Latifah Queen. Nice, big, unisex.
01st November, 2015
This opens with ripe, plummy, autumnal fruits underpinned with amber. And also, for a few disconcerting minutes, I get the distinctively sweet-tart, piquant scent of Branston pickle! Two hours in, the fruits fade, leaving a woody, creamy, soft amber, & five hours in all that's left is a faint vanilla base.
Fruity scents are not really my thing, & although I quite like the drydown of this one, it didn't especially grab me. I will try it again when autumn comes though, as I think it might work better for me then.
08th May, 2015
Glenn Miller might turn in his grave. The sound of swing became firmly established in 1939 as war engulfed the world. Mauboussin Jewellers of Place Vendome in Paris were celebrating their 100 year anniversary and it stayed within the family until 2002. Two years before the sale Christine Nagel had been commissioned to create a perfume worthy of the Mauboussin reputation, which now carried a 160 year tradition and was as recognisable in France as Tiffanys is in New York. (Shame that Tiffanys bought the French Crown Jewels)

Today Christine Nagel sits with Jean Claude Ellena in the Hermes Bleachers, where her Eau de Cartier is simpatico with the transparent Ellena style.. Is she proud of Mauboussin? In a published interview Ms Nagel said she would have given her life's work, her eye teeth, her soul to the devil (you see, I forget exactly) to have created Feminite du Bois.....perhaps Mauboussin may have been her sincerest form of flattery, given that she would never have imitated it too openly. Plum, woods, patchouli, amber, and rose are all to be found in this delectable darling which morphs beautifully into French élan from its caramel beginning. I love it. It's the full orchestra, everything but the kitchen sink, but dang, it works, just like Glenn Miller's big band. I want a boned corset with a big taffeta lined dance skirt. I want to be in the mood to wear Mauboussin. If you have perfume eating skin, if you don't mind getting a glow on, letting music fill the air, in the shank of the night, when the doin' is right this is for you and you can tell 'em I'll be there.
28th March, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Mauboussin is a sweet, spicy, gourmand oriental fragrance that falls somewhere between Jaïpur and Coco on the stylistic spectrum. It opens on an intense caramelized orange rind note, then transitions quickly to a complex accord of sweet amber, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and dried fruits, all anchored by vanilla, pathcouli, and the barest touch of smoky leather. Mauboussin is potent, tenacious, and relatively linear, pumping out sillage for hours before it fades into a vanilla-amber skin scent. It may not be terribly original or exciting, but it is very pleasant and well-crafted in all its intricacy: an easy scent to enjoy, for either gender.
29th July, 2014 (last edited: 30th July, 2014)
A quieter version of the classic ANGEL

This is a nice chocolatey, fruity oriental, that is very like the classic ANGEL.


Whereas ANGEL does shout the news from the rooftop with enormous speakers, MABOUSSIN states it subtly and intimately. That may be its biggest asset.


This stays close to the skin, unlike ANGEL, which announces itself from three blocks away.


Nice, but points off for lack of originality. There are enough ANGEL derivations out there, some by Mugler himself, that this one can get lost in the crowd.

Pros: As a floral oriental, it is quite nice.
Cons: Points off for copying ANGEL

17th May, 2013
Mauboussin is a big-boned inedible fruity oriental. It doesn’t always strike me as appealing, but it’s always striking. The fruit, plummy, peachy, mandarin, is just a bit rotten. It’s turned fruit that smells good in a brandy-like way but also warns you that it’s no longer edible. Actually, boozy isn’t quite it. Turned fruit and benzoin together smell to me like bitter, alcohol based herbal tinctures. It’s all a reflection of that push-pull food-but not-edible quality that the only gourmands I like seem to have.

The dissonance lasts to drydown when dusty cedar and sweet patchouli fight for the dominant woody tone. Mauboussin is not so much either conflicted or indecisive as ready to pounce one way or the other at a given moment.
11th August, 2011 (last edited: 15th October, 2011)

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