Piment des Baies (2002)
    by Miller Harris

    • Launched: 2002
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Lyn Harris
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Piment des Baies Fragrance notes

    Pepper Berries, Pimento Berries, Pacific Sandalwood, Orris butter, Bergamot

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    United States United States

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    Like the others I disagree on this being labeled a female frag, this is clearly a unisex fragrance. That been said.. in the opening Piment des Baies projects a little more than many other offerings from Miller Harris. At first it smells like a very zesty lemon, actually reminds me of Lemonheads (candy). Here's where I got confused and couldn't figure out what was happening I thought maybe some floral notes and that it was starting to smell feminine. I then realized it smells exactly like lemon cookies. Picture sugar cookies mixed with lemons. Not as zesty as the lemons in the opening, but lemons nevertheless. I do believe it smells a little more feminine at this point but it's still quite wearable for a man. Let it dry a little more and I smell a little ginger, much similar to the ginger in BLV, but close to the skin. From this point on (10-15 mins in) PdB remains a skin scent but a slightly stronger skin scent that many of the others from Miller Harris. Pretty good overall, longevity is 10+ hours but remember.. it's a skin scent. One of the better ones from Miller Harris indeed.

    17 April, 2010

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    United States United States

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    This is not a feminine scent, but purely unisex. It sparkles and has a bright, juicy center that you can't miss. It's admittedly fruity and juicy in the initial opening, but I don't think it's enough to sway its easy accessibility. It turns into a smooth, unisex scent that I think would garner plenty of positive attention.

    15 September, 2008

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    Sweden Sweden

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    This is intended as a masculine scent, the classification here on Basenotes is wrong. Anyway, I gladly wear men's scents, but not this! This is just horrible. It has a hint of nice spiciness combined with a disgustingly stale, coconutty sweetness and an artificially "cool and fresh" schampoo-like accord that I can literally taste. The combination is horrid.

    10th June, 2008

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I love this and not feminne at all,as a London cabbie so in a confined space a scent has to be carefully chosen,this hits the mark.

    02 February, 2007

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    How on earth can this one classify as a female fragrance. It is definitely one of the most masculine scents I have ever tried in my life. I would have no trouble wearing it myself. And I am very picky what female scents I put on. Thumbs up.

    28 August, 2006

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