Habanita (1921)
    by Molinard

    Habanita Fragrance Notes

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    I was intrigued by this because both Luca Turin and Barbara Herman praise it as a classic. I found it had a rather unpleasant linear earthy scent at the start. It then dries down on me to a dry acrid leather. A far better version of this would be for comparison Parfum d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman. I'm not getting any of the many complex ingredients, just a dry acrid leather.

    I just don't get all the hoopla about this one. I read where it was developed originally in 1921 to scent cigarettes, either as a sachet to tuck in with them, or as an oil to apply to them. Better to splash on some Tabac Blond.

    06 January, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    It's a huge balmy oriental powder bomb. It gets weird, in a good way, with geranium. It is not my fav perfume flower as it's so astringent and sharp. But, the vanilla and other sweet notes temper the sharpness nicely. There's more vanilla and heliotrope than resin. It dries down to vanilla powder and sandalwood musk. My husband says it's not his favourite and while it's not like he would kick me out of bed or anything :P it's still sad. I adore the cloud of scent this gives off, I love how I can smell it all day, no real need to reapply. There's no late day funk or fatigue, if that makes sense?

    30th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 08 February, 2014)

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    Tony T
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    This is what I am writing on behalf of..

    A modern classic that can be worn by all ages all year..

    The epitiome of unisex..

    Drydown is to die for..

    Honey/Vanilla and somewhat boozy

    Pros: Great for an everyday scent
    Cons: ????"

    17 September, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Lovely woody oriental feminine scent. This is centred around vetyver, with some flowers and loads of sweet powdery vanilla -iris combination , that prevails in the dry down.

    The modern masculine version of Habanita is Onda by veroprofumo, 0 % sweetness.

    After an hour it develops into vanilla oriental, of moderate sweetness and just a touch of bitter vetyver....this is edt version, i suppose edp is denser, and more opulent, its very pleasant, i smell no tobacco, nor leather and vanilla has smell of edible vanilin sugar, synthetic version of vanilla

    23 March, 2013

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    Red Theodora
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    I almost never do a blind purchase. Let's face it, to buy a full bottle of fragrance that one has not sampled before hand is a crap shoot. And I am not a gambler. Until Habanita!
    Yes, I took a wild plunge into the unknown and bought a bottle of the edt. Not expensive at all. Plus, all the notes are substances I like. Then I took my first whiff. Up rose a faint bit of peach and a whole lot of burning alcohol chemical odor. I was shocked, agast and nearly wheezing.
    So why do I give Habanita a thumbs up? You may wonder. Well, after the nasty little alcoholic scent faded - which didn't take long. Out came the wonderful honeyed vanillic accord, tempered with a little sandalwood. Lovely dry-down. It deserves it's reputation as a classic. I just wonder if the edp would bypass the chemical part?
    I think I will have to do more research.

    10th November, 2012

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    Tobacco with wood and honey galore in the opening blast, a truly glorious start. After about half an hour the drydown is characterised by vanilla and a floral note with patchouli and sweet incense also present. On my skin this becomes quite sweet with a boudoir-powdery component that at times dominates the fragrance. After about five hours a beautiful honeyed note takes centre stage for a while, to then gradually fade away. A complex but never overloaded scent, well blended and going through several interesting stages, with wonderful projection and longevity of ten hours.

    27 August, 2012

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