Moschino Couture! (2003)
    by Moschino

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    Canada Canada

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    This is lovely, what I imagine Prada Candy would be like if that scent didnít hand out cavities. First burst is full of refreshing mandarin then thereís definitely pepper. It dries down to just the right amount of sweet, vanilla, spice and resin - I donít get much cedar, it all seems like benzoin to me. So creamy and comforting but itís not boring or bland. Blood-orange is so right, just when you think you know whatís going on, it surprises you. It leaves an oil film on my skin after it dries which is interesting, it must be really concentrated. The only con is it t doesnít project very far but it lasts for about 4 hours.

    18 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 19 April, 2014)

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    Greece Greece

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    Nothing nice about this one. Smells cheap and tacky. Tasteless, synthetic and loud(in a bad way).
    Reminds me of toilet perfume.One of the worst scents i have ever smelled.
    What happened to moschino fragrance company? They discontinued such wonderful smells like "oh de moschino" and "l'eau de cheap and chic" and instead they produce such generic fragrances? Such a dissapointment!

    15 March, 2012

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    Wee Scottish Scent Lover
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Worryingly, it's getting harder and harder to find this little gem here in Great Britain. I'm not at the panic stage yet, but I might have to stock up. I adore this fragrance. It's like nothing else I've known. The pepper is attention grabbing, and I also get a touch of fizz! I love anything with jasmine, and the soft, sweet vanilla dry down is just gorgeous. Loving it.

    I can only guess that some tastes just don't stretch to the pepperiness and vanilla delight that is Moschino "Couture!" but we all like what we like. IMO this fragrance is anything but cheap smelling, and I think it's the best scent Moschino have ever created. Very different from anything else, very daring, and maybe not everyone would be brave enough to wear it. I love it and want more.

    25 January, 2012 (Last Edited: 03 April, 2012)

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    Australia Australia

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    Moschino Couture! is a truly delightful scent.

    Often mentioned by celebrities themselves as being one of their favourite scents, Mena Suvari being one of them, this fragrance has certainly gained a lot of success.

    It's not hard to see why Couture! has captured so many people's hearts. The fragrance opens with peppered citrus which is both unique and classy. The scent is feminine without being overly sweet or fruity.

    Whenever you suspect that this fragrance will become too predictable or girly, it hits you with a note which completely changes your mind. The pepper in the opening, the pomegranate in the heart and the benzoin in the drydown are examples of notes which continue to change the composition and give Couture! that unusual and distinctive appeal.

    Its spicy and woodsy type scent blends so well when worn on the skin. Couture! has such a natural feel to it, almost as if it isn't a perfume at all.

    Hard to believe that something so wonderful is sold at such an affordable price, I highly recommend.

    04 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Moschino coup de foudre! All my happiness boys are here- mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, cedar. I love Couture! - Iaughing, sniffing, and brimming with confidence that I have on the right perfume for a variety of situations. But my daughter, no doubt drawn in by the charming red bow, has already stolen away with my new perfume find. Guess I'll have to order another bottle right away.

    24 October, 2010

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Somewhat screechy, synthetic and a little anorexic. But guess what? The composition somehow works! There's a vibrancy to it that evokes a sense of fun and youthful frivolity. And it smells like nothing I have tried before. Could it be the poppy?

    Notes from
    bergamot, pepper, mandarin, yellow poppy, jasmine, pomegranate blossom, poppy seeds, benzoin, vanilla, cedar

    18 July, 2010

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