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Maja (1921)
by Myrurgia


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Year of Launch1921
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care
Parent Company at launchMyrurgia

About Maja

Maja is a feminine perfume by Myrurgia. The scent was launched in 1921

Reviews of Maja

I have been wearing this scent since the early 1980's. It has changed. It is still a great go-to fragrance.

It used to be spicier, more tart. Carnation, cloves, rose, geranium, and lavender do make a compelling combination. Throw in some citrus and you have a traditional oriental with old-fashioned flair. Maja is a perfect casual scent that is perfect for spring, summer, or autumn.

If you can find the eau de parfum or pure perfume, jump on it. These formulas project more strongly. I currently only have the e.d.t.
30th May, 2017
I am such a lucky lady.

I started reviewing my perfume collection & thinking about Basenotes the day I found a lovely vintage box with 2 soaps & unopened Maja scent FROM SPAIN at my favorite thrift store.

I have to admit that I was so sensuously greedy I opened the bottle to wear it. You only live once, you know. (I had had a Maja mini long ago).

The scent is frisky & spicy...oranges, roses, Mediterranean sunshine, or like a wonderful pomander, in the middle of winter.

06th July, 2012
I used to wear this fragrance many years ago and I loved it. I forgot about it for a while and happened upon the new 'improved' version - vile. The old fragrance was the same as the soap and totally unlike the current version. I'd prefer that they actually discontinue a fragrance rather than butcher it the way they have.
10th August, 2011
I have loved the soap for years. But when I tried the EdT I was somewhat disappointed, it just doesn't have the zing of the soap scent. Too bad!
14th May, 2011
I remeber 13 or 14 years ago i'v recieved a colonge splash version of this perfume. and i remeber it was more
spicer Stronger with more Incense and more Peppery and i fell in love with
the scent and i coudent wait to get it
again when i finished the splash.
and now i got a mini size of the perfume
i was so Dissapointed they changed to formula they made it watery Mens aftershave. i coudent belive it.
what happed to the Maja! they made it tame! I want to Fire back To the Maja
The old Formula Add more Cinnamon
Civet Leather Incense Benzion.

12th February, 2011
Perfumer Antonio Puig of the great Spanish firm of Puig Fragrances now controls Myrurgia the greatest Spanish fragrance house. Maya is a classic Spanish scent which was composed in 1921. It is spicy, deep, floral, and more intense than French styled composition. As a teenager at the beginning of the 1960's I was intrigued by the Spanish opulance of Myrurgia advertisements and smapled their wares in department store. I only remember Maya which smelled exotic and complex.

This review is about the Maya soap. It is available in nicely packaged cakes and also in a handsome round and black container which looks much more interesting and formal than any other readily available liguid soap. Maya in liguid soap is a white liguid approaching an olive oil lotion. It is very fragrant and opulent and spicy and floral. It is a bit sharp in opening but not harsh. It works very nicely as a soap and though it seems to condition, it leaves no residue.

Maya soap imparts a lasting fragrance. If you use enough in concentration with your water, it lingers on the face and hands very close in strength to an after shave of some depth.

It is a dark and spicy floral but it is not inappropriate for men. It is a svent that conveys beauty and strength. May reminds me of Paloma Picasso's signature scent in its deep and dark floral and spicy design. They do not smell alike but they are alike.

Best of all, Maya liguid soap in a perfectly designed and very handsome black container can be purchased at K Mart for about $4.00. You will either love the scent or find it too strong and dislike it.

Maya may be inexpensive but Antonio Puig and his company have managed to continue the Mrurgia tradition of complex fragrances in the rich Spanish tradition.

14th September, 2010

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