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Oleg Cassini for Women (1978)
by Oleg Cassini


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Year of Launch1978
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HouseOleg Cassini
Parent CompanyOleg Cassini

About Oleg Cassini for Women

Oleg Cassini for Women is a feminine perfume by Oleg Cassini. The scent was launched in 1978

Reviews of Oleg Cassini for Women

The opening is sweet like sugar laced with honey
dries with a nuances of fruit of peach and freesia
to finish the top layer of this fragrance then turns
a bit deeper with leather a tar like opening but seems to fade due to the presence of Tuberose,
Tuberose is a hit and go with me i love Amarige
that is devoted to the flower but with Cassini it's
too cloying and drowns out the other notes Cassini
is a typical 80's Powerhouse elaborate and overbearing but this is'nt my favorite it does
nothing for me.
08th March, 2011

The opening is very sweet! And cough-syrupy! But not entirely unpromising... "Maybe it's a Mackie-type Oriental? A *little* dimestore, but sexy?"

Then...PHEW! It dries down to incense and only incense. Do you know that incense called Black Opium, favored for Rasta shops? That's the one.
27th February, 2010
kmw Show all reviews
United States
My mother gave this to me and it really started me on my love affair with scents and mood.
06th January, 2009
My, but this is an intensely, almost tooth-achingly sweet fragrance. Nothing in the notes really indicates that it should be sweet to such a degree; it's mostly florals here, including freesia (okay, granted, that can get pretty sweet in a white floral kind of way), Bulgarian rose, tuberose, carnation and chrysthanthemum (is that very sweet? Beats me!) So that leaves the fruit notes of mandarin and osmanthus, both of which must be cranked up to the Nth power here; you can smell the rounded, ripe, slightly raisiny (that's from the osmanthus) scents they throw from a mile away. And there's a big dollop of sweet and powdery amber in the drydown, along with oakmoss. Because of the oakmoss, this is considered a fruity chypre, but so is Patou Cocktail and Cassini is basically like a honking quart of cherry heering (a ridiculously sweet liqueur with overtones of cough syrup) compared to Cocktail's crisp shot of palate-cleansing apertif. I love Oleg Cassini himself - charming man with the kind of globetrotting, fantastical life that people just don't live anymore - but this fragrance is not for me. I am giving it a neutral mainly out of respect to Mr. - or, more accurately, Count - Cassini. One last note: this fragrance has some definite similarities to the signature Anna Sui fragrance, the one in the purple and black bottle. If you like the Anna Sui, investigate the Oleg Cassini, which is a touch more formal and sophisticated but very much in the same vein.
22nd September, 2005

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