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So de la Renta (1997)
by Oscar de la Renta


So de la Renta information

Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseOscar de la Renta
PerfumerIlias Ermenidis
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté

About So de la Renta

So de la Renta is a feminine perfume by Oscar de la Renta. The scent was launched in 1997 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis

So de la Renta fragrance notes

Reviews of So de la Renta

I bought this for my mother for Christmas. I picked it up at a bargain price and I was rather pleased with myself because finding the perfect fragrance for my mother is a difficult task.

This fragrance surprisingly smells like roses. But it's not like a strong, ugly, old rose scent, instead it's blended with citrus undertones and white florals.

The opening notes of melon and gardenia are quite an interesting and unique blend. I'm not surprised that this is a classic and rather popular fragrance. I'm young, and even I enjoy wearing this on occasions. This also has great sillage and comes in such a classy and well-designed bottle.

26th April, 2011
yech! scrubber. Granted, I can't stand fruity florals of the generic mid-90's variety, but still, the motor oil accord that arose after about three minutes might be enough to put anyone off. Smells like every other department store fragrance of the 90's, sharply floral, induced an instant headache, and persists after serious scrubbing and an attempt to cover it with Jolie Madame. Will try to out-shout it with Samsara next ...
19th June, 2010
I received this fragrance as a gift today from my boyfriend. I put it on after a long hike outdoors to see how it would settle on my skin knowing that I would shower soon. Even though I am wearing camoflage shorts and a tank top and I am covered in dirt and dust, I smell as though I am wearing a flouncy pink silk dress. It's an ultra feminine floral and although I had to wait a minute to let the initial blast of top notes settle, I really love the way the florals softened but did not evaporate. Gorgeous!
12th April, 2009
A fruity floral that smells acquatic/lactonic (say that 3 times fast!). I would never know there is any vanilla in this blend, I really cannot detect it. A beautifully balanced feminine scent, with a definite De la Renta feel! The name is absolutely appropriate, as this perfume conjures images of elegant gowns sewn of the finest fabrics accented by perfect ruffles & pleats. I will have to get at least a small vial of So de la Renta to have on hand should I need to feel especially pretty!
13th October, 2008
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United States
It a very generic (of a 'generic department store scent' kind) -- I wore it for a few years soon after it came out, and I can't even remember what it smelled like. It's definitely not offensive, but rather forgettable.
25th June, 2008
I bought this unsniffed because the notes sounded so lovely, but its a lot more floral that I was expecting, and I'm not that big on big florals. This has really grown on me, it's a lovely summery sort of everyday scent, though I would not purchace it again.
15th June, 2008

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