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La Nuit (1985)
by Paco Rabanne


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Year of Launch1985
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People and companies

HousePaco Rabanne
PerfumerJean Guichard
PackagingAndré Ricard
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About La Nuit

La Nuit is a feminine perfume by Paco Rabanne. The scent was launched in 1985 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Guichard. The bottle was designed by André Ricard

La Nuit fragrance notes

Reviews of La Nuit

I used up a tiny sample, someone had sent as a swap. I had a miniature of this a long time ago. Wow! I had forgotten how beautiful La Nuit is. One whiff, took me back in time. They don't make them like this, anymore.
Musty, musky, airy, animalic, earthy, honeyed mild floral masterpiece chypre. If you can get your hands on a sample, you Must try it. Vintage Rabanne's are always worth while. This is no exception.
21st December, 2017
Darvant pretty much explains the story of this beauty. It's structure is classical. I recognize the Civet, Oakmoss supported Honey Bouquet expanding, tarted by the Citrus.
The Canvas is dense and a Savon of Rose Chypre. Honeyed Leather indeed. Perhaps because of the Basil Anisic in this, I find ever so slightly more, wearable as a Male,than the "Shocking". It carries the Civet-Oakmoss laden start billowing and dries to almost a dirtier Pour Monsieur.
Then again, my wife would wear this, most nobly, as it is Reminiscent of it's cousins Paloma Picasso and Armani.
18th November, 2017 (last edited: 19th November, 2017)
Certain types of things are like a God's gift, veritable antidotes to collapse of costumes, against an irreversible prolapse of taste and the paralysing boredom, as potions to keep my spirit up. Paco Rabanne La Nuit represents an iconic milestone for a supreme idea of "appalling" animalic/aldehydic/leathery chypreism, the forbidding thin red line ideally conjoining Van Cleef&Arpels First to Gianni Versace, Acampora Sballo to Estee Lauder Knowing, passing through Paloma Picasso, Fleurs de Rocaille, Van Cleef, Paris, Magot, Diva and Roccobarocco. Not a lot more to add over the massive floral/aldehydic/animalic structure. I smell poetry, picking up glistens of wax, peaches, musk, earth, pepper and dry leaves. There is a common "ultra-aristocratic" foundation (provided by aldehydes, civet, hesperides, oakmoss/patchouly, honey, fruity-spicy rose/jasmine and hints of leather) connecting all the former "noble old matron-like" potions, a similar classically chypre archetype of musky/spicy alchemy and lot of mutual memories about disappeared old aunts, massive mink coats, ermine furs, feathered hair, heavy facial makeups and high ceiling-rooms (embellished by massive golden frames pictures, oriental stuffs, bronze-statues and Persian tapestries). La Nuit eau de parfum runs gradually that olfactory metamorphosis waving from a stuffy/aldehydic decadent bewildering amorphous abstraction to a softer hyper sophisticated more "discernible/structured" fruity/floral symphony. Soft sparks of leather fill the air as moths, gleams of viney fruitiness dance as violin-notes in the night. Finally the rosey/musky/spicy/viney/leathery La Nuit's central vibe smells really close to the one we've enjoyed in Azzaro Acteur (which adds more virile restaint and aromatic piquancy to the beautiful olfactory game). Beyond all this manneristic monumental beauty (apparently ephemeral but actually substantial in its cultural "substratum", the bold related characters in fur coats or sideburns and flares, the overseas "exotic" immigrations and the enthusiastic future planning) all that's left is the Black Opium Floral Shock's shock and the horrific plastically anosmic theater of "talent and reality shows" with their indecent allusive exposure and the absurd background of metallic saltiness, stretched t-shirts, sculpted locks of hair and the adumbrative stretchy metrosexual pants. God forgive the inelegant fools.
01st August, 2017 (last edited: 02nd August, 2017)
This is a review of a semi vintage bottle.
If you had told me that this was a new niche fragrance, I would have totally believed you. Wow. A lush, powerful rose chypre with tons of attitude. The animalaic quality that others have mentioned is definitely there. After 4 hours, I could distinctly smell civet.
It reminds me slightly of vintage Magie Noir and Estee Lauder Knowing. But I like this even better than Knowing.
The longevity on my skin is unheard of- better than any save Nassomoto Black Afgano and Lutens Fumerie Turque. It is definitely an evening fragrance.
Great price, excellent quality and depth. Love it.
08th March, 2016
In 1937 Schiaparelli unveiled one of the reference floral chypres of all time - SHOCKING. It is for me the finest floral chypre ever created, rich in notes of rose, honey, and civet, a masterpiece.

When Barbara Herman described LA NUIT as a modern update of SHOCKING, with the caption "honeyed leather," I was intrigued. They do have the above three stated notes in common and LA NUIT does a tolerable job of copying SHOCKING, albeit without the complexity and in a much lighter concentration.

Despite Basenotes tag that it is discontinued, I found 22 available on Amazon, the most inexpensive being 1.7 oz. edp for $50 and 1 oz. edt for $23.

I would advise sampling LA NUIT and if you like it, seek out the more costly original SHOCKING on Ebay.

Top Notes: Citrus, Basil
Heart Notes: Rose, Honey
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Leather, Patchouli, Civet

First Edit: Upon living with this for a year I find the most dominant note in the dry down to be a musk (not even listed as a note) most reminiscent of Lutens' potent Muscs de Koublai Khan. This strong musk note is pretty identical to the one used in Lancome's Magie Noire a number of years before and the dry downs are very similar. If you love Magie Noire but don't want to pay the prices now being demanded for the discontinued vintage, you may want to consider the Rabanne as a very decent copy.
19th August, 2014 (last edited: 29th May, 2017)
Genre: Leather

La Nuit is strong stuff. It’s also vastly more daring and sophisticated than most of today’s designer fragrance releases.

La Nuit launches on a blast of soapy aldehydes and a huge rose but, but just when I’m convinced it’s going to be another imposing 1980s rose chypre in the mold of Knowing or Paris, it lets rip unexpectedly with a dark and moderately animalic leather and tobacco accord of tremendous depth and complexity. This is no buxom rose, but a sexually ambiguous and provocative tobacco and leather chypre worthy of a place beside Bandit in the ranks of confrontational, assertive interpretations of animal hide.

La Nuit reflects the mixed heritage of Habanita, Tabac Blond, Knize Ten, and Creed’s “Vintage” Tabarôme, and presages scents like Morabito’s Or Black and Kilian’s Back to Black. It shares with these last two the rare distinction of smelling as dark as its name. La Nuit distinguishes itself from most of its leather and tobacco successors with its persistent and monumental rose note. Equally important to the composition as it unfolds is a pungent, animalic patchouli which serves to underscore La Nuit’s prevailing mood of licentious decadence. Is it the most animalic fragrance I’ve encountered? Not by a long shot. Muscs Koublaï Khan, Nuit Noire, Ungaro II – even Eau d’Hermès – all have it beat in that department. But it sure does manage to smell seductive and dangerous at once.

The drydown leans heavily on that heady patchouli note, along with lingering leather, tobacco, animalic musks, and moss. Even in its late stages La Nuit is a heavy hitter. It projects great distances and hangs in the air behind its wearer as a persistent haze of sillage. Dark, lowering, and about as far from conventionally “pretty” as could be, La Nuit also makes a perfectly acceptable scent for men, so long as it’s applied with a light hand. What a shame that it’s gone.
19th June, 2014

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