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Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum (1984)
by Paloma Picasso


Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum information

Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HousePaloma Picasso
PackagingRafael Lopez-Cambil
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum

Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum is a feminine perfume by Paloma Picasso. The scent was launched in 1984 and the bottle was designed by Rafael Lopez-Cambil

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Reviews of Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum

Epitome of the 1980's. Deep, dark, mysterious and sensual. A resinous liquid of euphoric delight. Deep rose offset with wooded smoky nuances and a candied honey. Oakmoss and patchouli add depth and sensuality while citrus and coriander add sparkling elements throughout this ethereal creation. Perfectly suitable for a man or a women, and it draws compliments from many. This ranks up in my top ten of all time scents, and the newest version is as faithful as it was when launched. *Also a real bargain on the wallet in this world of overpriced same-same fleeting scents.....
21st May, 2017
Met my wife, she was wearing Chanel 5. Platinum Blonde in Black, Ivory and Gold. Chanel Flats.
Her next for daily wear was Paloma Picasso perfume. It seems to me that it was more Civet driven in the Late 80's early 90's. It had an over the top Honeyed Piss note like Ho Hang Club. Loved it on her.
Seems that it is still a bit skanky and has lost the bloom. Still available and discounted often.
19th February, 2016 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
TJMaxx had the EDP on sale today, and I'd been curious about it because I love the big, opulent fragrances of the 80s - what a great purchase! It's a marvelous blend of florals, with the dark heart of a chypre; indeed, it's reminiscent of Magie Noire (as others have said), but more of the floral notes are apparent to my nose in PP than MN. It begins with a big citrus blast, then a bitter bloom appears in the midst of a bed of patchouli, and finally dries down to a powdery but exotic floral. If you like Magie Noire, Youth Dew, Obsession, Poison and their ilk, chances are you'll appreciate this one - not that any of them smell alike, but they're part of a grand tradition that continues to resonate.
22nd November, 2015
From the heart of dark florals comes a blast of rose liqueur and a plasticky jasmin which together create a weird dissonant harmony. Surrounding this odd ball delight are cocktail bitters, plastic wood veneer and a sweet dry dust that go head to head for the soul of this dark gem.

With a foundation of patchouli, vetiver, a slightly caramelic amber and moss, it builds into one assertive eau de parfum. It's forceful, wilful, and has impressive staying power. There's not a weak bone in its body.

It all adds up to an unsweet, slightly oily, deep ruby floral that makes a good edgy masculine.

This creation (by the otherwise unknown Francis Bocris) echoes the severity of the rose-oud genre, but in place of noble wood rot it pairs the sheen of rose with a textured chypre base. It doesn't appear in long white robes but the austere elegance of black lace. Austere but never cold, Mine is a proud and passionate perfume.

Originally from 30 years ago and now rather overlooked. Mon Parfum deserves to be better known; it has the exotic bravura and romantic intensity of a Mussorgsky piano suite.

23rd October, 2015
Current formulation is fantastic and you basically can't get anything else like this, of this quality, for so little money. Don't bother hunting after the old stuff unless you just happen upon it, it's not necessary. As with the current Magie Noire, if this were packaged with a Serge Lutens label it would be acclaimed as a stunning animalic throwback. Paloma smells very much like itself and nothing else--sour soapy floral chypre over woody honeyed animalic base. Great on a guy, great sillage, great longevity. Go to TJ Maxx and get it.
02nd October, 2015
OMG, this has GOT to be in my Top 10 of all women's fragrances! I wear it mostly in the colder winter months when it can really radiate with your body heat. This bottle sits alongside YSATIS by Yves Saint Laurent, another fragrance I reserve for winter because of its warm ambery tone. It used to sit alongside my Fendi EDP, until I used that up and Fendi decided to make the STUPID move of discontinuing their classic namesake fragrance. Balenciaga also did that with their namesake men's EDT (Balenciaga), which was a classic in my opinion. I just don't understand how companies can discontinue their namesake original fragrances. I was disappointed when Gucci discontinued Gucci Pour Homme (with the Italian ribbon design). NONE of their subsequent fragrances even came close to their namesake fragrances. When will the madness end? Leave well enough alone. Nonetheless, I hope Paloma Picasso is never discontinued because it is one of the last of the "classic" fragrances still available. A+!!!
01st September, 2015

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