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Vanille Tonka (1997)
by Nicolaï


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Year of Launch1997
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPatricia de Nicolaï

About Vanille Tonka

Vanille Tonka is a feminine perfume by Nicolaï. The scent was launched in 1997 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï

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Reviews of Vanille Tonka

A feast of "S": soft, soothing, sweet and slightly smoky. Nice and elegant fragrance, that does exactly what the name suggests – easy to wear, easy to review!

15th April, 2014
Vanille Tonka is a nice enough fragrance, however, it just doesn't serve a purpose for me, other than it smelling nice. Projection isn't that great, and longevity could be better, especially considering it's a gourmand/oriental, from a niche line.. I get roughly 4-5 hours on my skin.

Vanille Tonka opens with a very powdery vanilla, with a touch of dirtiness from the tonka, I'll note that the tonka in this isn't creamy or overly synthetic smelling like many fragrances. In the background, there's a sweet lemon note -- think more along the lines of lemon cookies or cake, as opposed to it in its citric form. The powdery smell dies down, the lemon cookie note emerges more, accompanied by some type of orangey smell, and a little neroli. I believe these are the mid notes, since the base is more about incense and tonka bean. I will say this.. the way the mid notes come together in this fragrance, is very very nice. It becomes a sort of citrus gourmand.

Although nice, it still brings me back to quality. It's really lacking here. Projection, longevity, and purpose in general.
09th January, 2013
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United States
I own a bottle of this, not because of the vanilla in the name, but because I think it is a wonderful, comfortable incense fragrance.

It is also wonderfully blended, with each note having a purpose. The zesty lime opening merging into the lemon edge of the frankincense, while the softest of floral heart provides smoothness that vanilla and tonka bean will continue and carry forward. All parts playing off of each other, and into each other.

But overall, this smells of smooth frankincense over smooth vanilla/tonka bean. It is never too sharp (as I find some incense to be) and never too sweet. It has a smooth, yet dusty feel to it, like an ancient, yet comfortable church. It seems simple in purpose and design - a comfortable scent, and a very well done one.
06th December, 2011
Vanille Tonka Experience Diary:

At Spray: What lovely limes! So luscious! So bright and fresh!

1 min. in: Well, that's done. No surprise, citrus seldom lasts but it was delightful

1min. in continued: Where is everybody? There's a party somewhere, but not here.

5 mins. in: Two parties! A top notes party (sweet) and a base notes party (dry) no blend.

15 mins in: Now we've got mingling! Par-tay! Great quality ingredients and balance!

30 mins. in: Beautiful silage: A golden song of Orange blossom and Vanilla.

1 hour in: What's that dusty bit on skin? Growing... growing... not to my taste...

2 hours in: It's the cinnamon! not loud but inescapable. tainting everything...

3 hours in: Everything fading. Sickish cinnamon going with the rest. fading.

4 hours in: Largely gone-- what a ride!

Conclusion: Beautiful structure, beautiful citrus top note, beautiful silage (possibly the best I've ever smelt) but the cinnamon (dusty, hot, throat-closing) doesn't sit well with me. Pervades the fragrance and makes it a (regretted) no go.

Recommendation Recommendation Try more PdN work pronto!
25th September, 2011
The name hardly does it justice. In case you're wondering there is a lot more going on than just vanilla and tonka. Soft orange blossom and mildly herbal citrus blend seamlessly with the dreamy (not creamy) vanilla-tonka base with frankincense giving it a dry airy feel. The sillage is simply exquisite! Not too sweet either. Definitely a top contender from Parfums de Nicolai and one that I would wear in a heartbeat.
14th February, 2011
This scent was given to me by the lovely, Rotto. I really like this scent. It's great if you understand the ingredients and enjoy thinking of yourself as the Queen of Sheba. Cosidered to be for women, I think it could work for men as well due to the frankincense. The frankincense has been tempered with ingredients, I think citrus, that link the spice to the sweetness of the vanilla. This vanilla has sweetness, but a resiny quality so it's a bit more buttery. On my skin, citrus gives fragrances depth, without staying directly citrusy. I think the cool weather today was also good for the experience. My sister who only wears sweet florals, actually told me I smelled nice and agreed, men should try this as well.
02nd October, 2010

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