Victorian Posy (1979)
    by Penhaligon's

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    Victorian Posy information

    Victorian Posy is a women's fragrance by Penhaligon's. The scent was launched in 1979

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    A big floral chypre with soapy powdery aldehydes on top. It's quite old-fashioned. You can tell that they put some effort into making this smell not just classic but simply old - I think it's something about the bergamot or something. But the flowers are the real stars of the show and they're fantastic. It kicks off heavy on the rose, with some lightly candied jasmine sweetening things up to simulate posies. There's an especially waxy ylang adding to the "aged" effect, and everything ends up more like carnation after a while as some very subtle clove slips in.

    All in all, I've quite enjoyed Voctorian Posy, though anyone who doesn't enjoy a good powdery, soapy, old-fashioned, loud floral should be wary.

    22nd December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Very loud floral opening, muskier base notes. I like it a lot and like the old fashioned feeling it has. I see it as a woman's fragrance because it is so floral, but people should wear what they like.

    17th April, 2012

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    Taiwan Taiwan

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    This is such a wonderful scent. I love it for its dryness - the drier the better - because i live in humid weather. Often, more than often, 'moisture, musky scent' does not perform well (for example, English Fern. Love it from paper, best just doesn't feel so good on skin).

    This is definitely vintage, great blend of floral scent, multi-layered and i never get bored of it. I find it suitable for any occasion. Classy.

    Sadly Penhaligon's has discontinued this, get a bottle before they all disappear!

    11th March, 2012

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    Singapore Singapore

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    VICTORIAN POSY is a finely wrought floral chypre that pays tribute to bygone eras when men think nothing of wearing floral fragrances. I could detect some citrus, galbanum, violet, rose, vetiver, amber and patchouli. There was even a moment when it reminded me of Chanel No.19! For a chypre it feels a little dry; perhaps whatever moss it used to have must have been rooted out by IFRA-mandated reformulations to the extent it now wears more like a traditional floral-based eau. But I still enjoy the subtle fluctuations between the floral and earthy elements.

    Can a guy wear this? Absolutely. I'm just surprised this 1979 Penhaligon release has stayed under the radar for as long as it had. Obviously the dandies haven't been looking hard enough. So a big thank you to MFJ for bringing this charming little gem to my attention.

    03rd January, 2011

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    Its a great shame that this isn't more popular, as its warm, floral tones take one back to an old library or prizing open an ancient box full of memories. It has the charm and sweetness of Bluebell, yet it is much fuller and richer. It is a classic Penhaligon's fragrance, with a distinctive air of agedness about it. Its unmistakably vintage feel should ensure that if there is ever a 1940's revival, this is what everyone should be wearing!

    Although it is seen as a lady's fragrance, it can also wear beautifully on men in the same way as Hammam Bouquet or English Fern. One wallflower to certainly give a look-in :)

    18th November, 2009

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    nice opening on this clean refreshing fragrance . . .

    11th August, 2009

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