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Tea Rose (1972)
by Perfumer's Workshop


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Year of Launch1972
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePerfumer's Workshop
PackagingPierre Dinand

About Tea Rose

Tea Rose is a feminine perfume by Perfumer's Workshop. The scent was launched in 1972 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Reviews of Tea Rose

The first thing that made me an impression was the very intense yellow colour and the almost oily viscosity of the perfume. The colour resembles very well the chamomile tee the smell of which is well recognisable for at least a couple of hours next to the rose.
As i was in the third hour of wearing this, two of my assistants (two ladies between 55 and 60 years of age) who were standing not far away from me started to discuss vociferous about an annoying rose smell that filled the space. Especially one of them was saying that this smell was horrendous and was trying to identify the trail looking around in different places where i have been before and have left a trail. Of course i knew they were discussing about my perfume but it never crossed their minds that i was the "centre of the evil".
Obviously the trail i have left behind me was so intense that they came to the conclusion that this must be some kind of an air freshener that is pumped into the building over the air condition making their lives miserable. A third lady which came along shortly after that had exactly the same reaction.
Boy i was glad they didn't realise it was me making them sick.
The next thing i did was to find a sink and repetitively wash my arms (where i have placed the perfume) till the perfume was not detectable any more.
I personally didn't find the perfume to be repugnant but i have to admit that it did smell like some kind of air freshener that is sold in the super markets for 2,99 Euros.
I can not comment on the evolution of the perfume but i really liked the colour. The sillage was obviously of colossal proportions.

Because of the reactions

With so many negative reactions i will certainly won't ever touch this thing again
02nd June, 2017
Stardate 20170309:

A great rose that can be had for cheap. It should be in everyone's wardrobe.
This one has survived reformulation and goes for $10 for 120ml. A perfumery miracle if there was one.
09th March, 2017 (last edited: 21st April, 2017)
It's a great rose scent, if I liked rose fragrances. Total soliflore to my nose. But for what it is, it hit the nail on the head.
21st September, 2016
Pure Rosebush...

This may seem like a simple fragrance, but it's stunning and beautiful in it's simplicity. A very realistic rose perfume with a super accurate rose note. With this one I get the green leaves, as well as the dewy petals in the morning sun. Absolutely gorgeous. This is a perfume which is not trying to do anything else other than capture the essence, the experience of smelling a rose bush in full bloom. Not an oriental rose with amber or labdanum or vanilla etc... but instead letting the flower speak for itself, with no pretensions.

A completely authentic smelling rose fragrance, and for the money, perhaps one of the best on the market. If you are a rose lover, hands down this should be one to own or at least try. Perfect quality for the price. I'm highly impressed.
27th August, 2016
I remember when this came out, Selfridges reeked! Its launch coincided with the first time that people from various Middle Eastern countries visited Europe, and especially the UK. All the Arab men went wild over Tea Rose. I did too. This was the first fragrance, designed for women (apparently) that I bought and wore. I loved it then, I love it now. A fantastic Rose, superficially simple, but hiding a wonderful complexity.
27th June, 2016
Yikes. Even in some future society where roses no longer exist - nor humans to verify what they once smelled like- this would be a poor example of their scent. It is like mistaking a robot- with flashing lights for eyes and metal sides for skin- with a living human being.

It is completely artificial smelling, harsh, aggressive and persistent. It could be used sparingly to freshen homes that have been hit by flood waters and then subsequent mold infestations.

It has an initial attack that never subsides and is about as charming and natural as plastic Santa decorations on the roof in July.
22nd August, 2015

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