Eau de Cologne à la Reine des Fleurs (1774)
    by L.T. Piver

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    Eau de Cologne à la Reine des Fleurs information

    Eau de Cologne à la Reine des Fleurs is a women's fragrance by L.T. Piver. The scent was launched in 1774

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I bought this on first smell, but on wearing it since I bought it the clove note now seems to dominate all of the citrus and other herbs, and cloves are one of few scents that I really don't like, unfortunately.

    I love Farina Gegenuber and 4711 but the clove on this one is just too much for me to enjoy wearing it.

    15th February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Very much an eau de Cologne in the manner of Farina.

    it is light and refreshing, and as OdysseusM observes, a bit more herbal than citrus.

    Timeless and unisex, a great value for an eau de Cologne. I would even go so far to say on a par with Guerlain's venerable Eau Imperiale.

    05th June, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    Notes: "a basket of citrus fruits" (oranges and lemons), lavender, "a delicately spiced bouquet" of thyme, bergamot, clove and rosemary.
    This is not solely a female-marketed scent. It is fairly dry, with some heft in the herbs and spices. Any man who likes Acqua di Parma or any of the classic EdC's would appreciate this.
    It has a gorgeous cologne opening of bright lemons and soft orange blossom. A deeply earthly lavender note adds to the complexity. Very quickly, herbal and spice notes appear, and these are most attractive. The spices are assertive but done with a light touch -- mostly clove, perhaps something else like nutmeg as well. The dry-down has great longevity due to the herbs and spices, and it is most satisfying.
    All in all, this is a classy and inexpensive splash. More herbal than Agua di Colonia by Alvarez Gomez, but in that vein.

    21st February, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    I am surprised that there is only one review for this beautiful french Eau de Cologne 'A la Reine des Fleurs' (Flower Queen style). The House of L.T. Piver claims that this Cologne dates back to 1774. It is rich in vibrant citrus, then the lavender comes in. The basenotes as listed by Piver: thyme, bergamot orange, cloves and rosemary. More good news: it is quite inexpensive. In my country - Holland - I bougt 423 ml/14.25 fl.oz for € 21. One can easily find it on the internet.
    In my opinion is much better than the more well known – and more expensive – 4711. Its longevity of course is limited, but while it is there, it is very beautiful and refreshing. If you like to splash every now and then after having a shower, try it. Traditionally these eaux de cologne are considered unisex.

    10th June, 2009

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    Listed a scent for women, I would rather doubt that classification. As a man, I'm wearing it quite often, and most woment I know declare, that they would consider it unfeminine.
    It's spicy, no-nonsense, dry, but dries down to some very refined rose-tone. I find it refreshing, decent, much more complex than other 18th century colognes. I scent one could imagine on both Valmont and Merteuil ...

    21st May, 2008

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