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Pompeďa (1907)
by L.T. Piver


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Year of Launch1907
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseL.T. Piver
Parent CompanyEric Amouyal

About Pompeďa

Pompeďa is a feminine perfume by L.T. Piver. The scent was launched in 1907

Reviews of Pompeďa

Turn the Volume up on this one and you have the makings of the monster,Bogart Furyo. The Champa Incense in this is very similar. I recognize the touch of Synth Civet or perhaps Hyraceum, Jasmine Indol, which produces an accord that follows the leading edge of Fecal. A little Cumin would turn this gem to a Salome-ic bomb. A halo of Rose surrounds it all.
Interesting start that had a Lipsticky Iris, Bergamot and Geranium (and perhaps Lavender) accord reminiscent of a Knize Leather twist. That falls to the background though, to reveal a sneeky, sensuous, old time Floral with a touch of lightly soiled panties, to have us boys hearing "He Bos"
29th April, 2018
Pompeďa is strange and intriguing and for the inexpensive price definitely worth investigating if you love experimental turn of the century scents that bewitch and confuse. A sharp medicinal lemon-lavender like Jicky gives way to herbs, patchouli and an incense-like ash, reminding me of Caron's Nuit de Noel minus the more bolder use of rose. It baffles; is that honey that I now smell, clover? Civet? Now it's completely patchouli, soap, rose-geranium. Equally fresh fougere, proto chypre and something slightly foul, it is a testmanet and shrine to Amyl Salicylate. Not modern by any means but perhaps old enough to escape the usual scrutiny. This supposedly has been adopted for use in voodoo religion and is popular in New Orleans; I am not surprised. I like it, maybe it can weave a spell on you too.
07th February, 2018 (last edited: 12th February, 2018)
A splendid cold weather fragrance. Classic chypre floral with a dark spicy edge. The lavender and patchouli give it an incense-like base.

Very long-lasting. Very inexpensive, too.
11th September, 2017
A delightful citrus, herbal, floral "splash" from the first part of the last century - this was meant as a feminine version of the masculine "after shave," - a light "lotion" concentration, meant to evaporate in an hour, but to add some fragrance when madame emerged from her bath -or today's shower - an artifact, I agree, but also a throwback to an age when fragrance was a garment, added and then shed and replaced all through out the!!!

For a longer lasting lotion from Piver, select White Heliotrope, which lasts for hours and hours.

02nd December, 2013
I bought a very old, cut crystal stoppered bottle of this with some perfume remaining. While off, it smelled interesting, so I bought a new bottle. This may have some jasmine in it, but that and any other ingredients are totally overpowered by an horrendous synthetic civet. Unless one is looking for undue attention from a dog, or having friends looking at your shoes thinking you stepped in some, avoid. Please.
04th June, 2010

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