Calyx (1986)
    by Prescriptives

    Calyx Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    This is typical of the "fruity green floral" genre of scent.

    Although Herman describes it as guava/grapefruit with neroli, rose and oak moss, the guava and grapefruit accord is not reflected in the 17 ingredient list.

    It is quite pleasant as a melony green splash, but lasts only an hour on my skin; therefore the neutral review: poor silage, poor longevity, and although it may have been the first of this genre, it has so many rivals as to be unremarkable in comparison.

    20th January, 2014

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    Croatia Croatia

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    nothing smells natural here, yet this is nice smell!

    it smells as synthetic accord for a perfume made from lily-rose-musk combo, very simple, and not as a perfume!
    i was surprised to see the whole list of notes here, and in that sense it reminds me a lot of Tommy girl,

    the difference beeing this one is not aquatic, its more like full, dense, frsh, snythetic but smells like some nice hair shampoo :) i guess its the musk who gives the feeling, very intensive and longlasting.

    14 March, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Since I really didn't find this smell appealing when tried on a paper strip, I've never bothered to try it on. Then; bored in a mall a few months ago, I sprayed some on. That too sweet fruity-floral character so prominent on the paper, turned into something somewhat green on my skin. I find it very nice: to my nose this is not a scent trying to smell "real"; it's very artificial but doesn't deny it. And what I really like is that this (on my skin) is one of the very few clean-smelling fragrances that doesn't smell like soap or light florals. It's just artificially fresh.

    01st October, 2012

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    An intense, screeching, nostril searing green concoction that smells like pulling weeds out of the garden. If you had to put this in a category, I guess it would be unholy sharp and green, with some horrid type of citrus. A sales associate one time accidentally sprayed this in my face and I have hated it ever since. Of all the 100+ reviews I have done, this is definitely the worst one of the bunch.

    16 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I imagine Prescriptives is what you'd get if you took a thin Mitsouko clone and ratcheted up the volume on the fake peach until it was a cheap-smelling fruity floral. More than anything, it reminds me of that Victoria's Secret peach scent that was so ubiquitous in the 90's, but with a sour dank green undertone that eventually blooms into a rather nice suede chypre base once that cheap, common-smelling peach finally shuts up and decides to play nice with the rest of the ingredients. This base is good enough to be a mitigating factor, but I just can't give a thumbs up to this, even if it was the first...

    14 August, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Opens as a grassy fruity with a light, non-indolic jasmine peeking through mucho tiptoe through the tulips so far. But as the grassiness fades, this increases in vagueness. Sure there's a bowlful of fruit in there but it's been blended to a smoothie, and then lightened by a chemical choir singing in Enya-tones of refreshing things. This one is rumoured to contain over 700 ingredients, which is entirely possible based on the olfactory experience. Where some shapeless perfumes increase their mysteriousness stakes by being elusive, this one fails to lift above 'nice'.

    29 June, 2012

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