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Puma Woman (2002)
by Puma


Puma Woman information

Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Puma Woman

Puma Woman is a feminine perfume by Puma. The scent was launched in 2002

Reviews of Puma Woman

Puma Woman was launched when I was forteen, and I immediatelly fell in love... with the add. The add is a black and white picture of a woman who's armwrestling with a man who looks like he could have been a HA biker. He seems frustrated. She, a brunette, wearing a simple black top, her skin looks a bit damp and she looks into the camera with such intensity... She was everything I wanted to be.

So I walked into the store, and thought I would be dissapointed. Most perfumes back then didn't suit me and I am pretty picky. Plus; there aren't many perfumes that suit a stubborn 14-year-old girl who's likely to run out on all the boys in her class. In gymclass with wrestling/judo the teacher actually had to put me in a group with only boys. I was a bit rough. But can you imagen most fruity-floral-soft-girly-teeny scents on a girl like that? I couldn't either. Puma woman hit it dead on. Its a suble skin-type of a scent thats simple and it made me happy. I wore it pretty often. I guess if sporty, subtle and affordeble is what your looking for, you could give Puma Woman a try.
16th December, 2008
Puma - love the shoes and this scent, though the scent lacks a certain level of hip downtown sportiness that the shoes and other Puma products have. Basically, Puma Woman is a sheer, very feminine fragrance, one that starts out happily fruit-laden - with peach, melon, quince and blackcurrant - with a twist of mint. This is a nice touch; if you've ever eaten ripe fruits with a little fresh mint leaf mixed in, you'll know how splendid a combination it is. From there the composition gets a tad ordinary as it moves into white peony and bamboo leaves, but never fear, because the drydown is worth the wait. It's a soft, positively sensual blend of white musk and praline with just a little sandalwood. A beautiful skin scent, not unlike one of my newer favorites, Body by Victoria. Actually, Puma Woman's drydown is even more gorgeous than Body's, a touch sweeter and more nutty, albeit not as noticeable or lasting. If you like strong and assertive scents, Puma Woman would likely not be a good candidate for you, but if subtle is what you seek, check this out. It's very underrated and probably something you can wear without smelling it one everyone else, as I virtually never hear anyone talk about it.
21st September, 2005

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