Safari (1990)
    by Ralph Lauren

    Safari Fragrance Notes

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    I was given this by a fleeting, or fleeing? love. A big deal since it'd recently been launched and was expensive for him as a perfume, or EDP. OI made a big fuss, then I took it home- thought it smelled like something used to deodorize the bathroom- hated it. Threw the big sucker away, but kept the guy- waaaay better than the perfume! Now I have a vintage purse size of it. Bad pennies always show up !Where's he now? Ha!

    Ick on this frag!

    Be Well!


    29 October, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I almost squealed with excitement when I saw a Safari tester in a store I visited a few weeks ago. It was on my 'for test' list a year ago but I had given up hope when every attempt to find it had failed.

    This fragrance was everything I hoped it would be. I can actually imagine myself wearing this on a safari, however it may not be too wonderful under desert conditions. Oh hell, I'd wear it anyway.

    Safari is a floral green like the olfactive group suggests, however it's also an oriental in the sense that it relies on some rather spicy and earthy notes to carry the composition. It's feminine but also very warm and sensual on the skin.

    At times it can be a little sharp, however I love its bold qualities. After some time the scent mellows into a spicy-floral soapiness which is quite different from the opening which was a combination of green accords, fruit and bold resins.

    Safari is surprisingly an elegant fragrance, so not what I was expecting, that is, something that you could wear with your khakis and your sun-hat. It's spicy and clean luxury to my nose.

    The sillage is fairly strong, however on my skin this fragrance struggled to last. I was very disappointed that such a classic fragrance didn't last the distance.

    Despite the longevity being poor, I still adore Safari. It's a shame that this fragrance doesn't accompany the rather popular Safari for Men on the shelves anymore.

    04 April, 2012

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    Ms Rochambeau
    United States United States

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    I'm at a loss for words with this one. All I can say is that I woke up this morning craving it. On me this smells like a somewhat green vintage chypre with galbanum and my beloved oakmoss (think Chanel No. 19) and all. Supposedly this was discontinued and then reissued (and most likely reformulated), so if you haven't yet tried this and want to, try to search the internet for one of the tiny, "vintage" 4 ml pure parfum minis ( which is what I'm wearing now) if you want to experience what I've described and to know what perfumer Dominique Ropion's original intent was. This has wonderful sillage and is unisex, in my opinion.

    17 November, 2011

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    I am sad I can't really find this anymore. I always liked it. To me, it smelled like DIAL soap! I know that may sound weird, but it was a very clean and airy kind of smell.

    30th May, 2011

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    Greece Greece

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    This is great aroma.Warm and fresh at the same time!
    Glorious woody green and flowery!Fine oils mixed with nice florals!
    So precious and wild!Earthy,classy and refined!
    Definitely a worthy trying perfume!

    30th April, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Why was it discontinued? Even if this is not the masterpiece I expected I think it could have always had a market. I didn't like the opening that was pungent and retrò. After few minutes safari opened up into a beautiful fragrance full of flowers, classy and well balanced. Unfortunately the drydown isn't very interesting. Patchuly and moss do not develop very well and stay to the skin withou blooming. But a good parfume anyway. Thumb up for me.

    19 January, 2011

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