Blue (2003)
    by Ralph Lauren

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    The original version of this aquatic woody floral is intimate and stellar. To my nose it opens with a deliciously rain-kissed flowers that immediately warm into the damp yogurt-y heaven of a well-tailored tuberose. The drydown is an ever-so-delicate powdery and mossy-woodsy musk of ambrette seed and oakmoss.

    If petrichor scents replicate the sweet earthy smell of damp soil after the rain, this perfume holds a sophisticated mingling of geosmins that petrichor lovers may adore. It invokes the image of sitting in an old musky library, drinking a gueuze lambic beer with the windows open - unable to read because I am so mesmerized by the smell of dry dirty soil aloft a warm dampness after a humid thunderstorm.

    Great silliage and longevity. One to two sprays is all that is necessary. I always received compliments when I wore this. More importantly, I always felt uniquely beautiful when I wore it. Yet, some of my friends said it smelled absolutely terrible on their skin. The formula was modified in the late 2000s, most likely due to restrictions on oak moss, and wasn't nearly as wonderful as the original. It has since been discontinued.

    12 April, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Ralph Lauren Blue is a very appealing fragrance, such a shame it is now discontinued.

    It's a cross between a floral aquatic and a floral woody musk. Ralph Lauren Blue tends to be fresh yet smooth and feminine. It's subtle, but the subtlety works.

    I particularly like its creamy warmth, somewhat like a mug of warm milk. It has a certain cuddly quality that adds a spin to it's fresh sporty-ness. While it definitely suits hot weather, I think it could wear well in Winter too.

    The lightness of this fragrance is possibly the reason for its downfall. The floral aspect probably didn't help either. It's not tangy or fruity like most Summer scents, instead it goes for a light, transparent floral combination.

    Unfortunately the lasting power isn't all that great, and as I mentioned before, the sillage is incredibly soft. To be honest, I'm a little underwhelmed after trying Ralph Lauren Blue because I really built it up to be something wonderful after reading so many rave reviews.

    Ralph Lauren Blue is nice, polite even, and in some ways quite comforting.

    09 April, 2012

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    I had this years ago. I would have loved it, if I didn't catch the whiff of mothballs every other minute.

    21st March, 2012

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    I now know why there are so many guys that review this. The initial scent is definitely very masculine. I just sprayed it on myself (about 20-30 minutes ago). The dry down is very long. I don't like the initial smell because I am a girl, and girls do not want to smell like dudes. However, when it dries down, it becomes increasingly feminine. It's very soft and nice. I am guessing floral. I agree with the other posters, this fragrance is hard to explain. I don't know what notes are but it's very nice. If only those top manly notes were not there.. then I might not have to return this bottle :(. To get from manly to feminine takes about 30 minutes.. I really like this smell! I am not sure about smelling like a man for 30 minutes though..

    18 March, 2010

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    Australia Australia

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    I have to admit, it is a nice fragrance, within an instant I am appealed by it's regal and gauzy-electric blue decanter. Pertaining an enigmatic and defined image. By this demeanor I had to try it. Once I let it rip on my forearm I actually
    carried a happy judgment on the frag. It's fresh, very elegant and purports on the happiest emotions.

    It is indeed seemingly ubiquitous and barely evolves thus staying desolate of evolution. This actually can be a good thing
    and with "Blue" it's indeed a great thing!

    Fresh, Extremely elegant and Very well suited for a Blond haired woman!

    Paper - 4/5

    Skin - 4.5/5

    25 December, 2009

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    sunny baybay

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    really casey!? how weird i wonder if i told u it was one of my top faves once upon a time.... i havent smelled it lately to give a worthwhile review but i just thought that was funny how i was once like in love with it and now i cant remember anything besides that it made me feel fresh..

    17 August, 2009

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