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Realm Women (1993)
by Realm Fragrances


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Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRealm Fragrances
Parent CompanyAladdin Fragrances
Parent Company at launchErox Corp

About Realm Women

Realm Women is a feminine perfume by Realm Fragrances. The scent was launched in 1993

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Reviews of Realm Women

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United States
I love Realm. It's warm, spicy honeyed comfort.
19th May, 2010
I'm not particularly fond of the scent itself; too much honey, and on me anyway, the mandarine and other notes are barely noticeable. What I HAVE noticed, however, is that inevitably, whenever I do where it I get complements. There have been times I wore it at work and my male coworkers went crazy! Pheremones? Who knows. It definately wasn't my "increased confidence," or my intention to provoke that reaction. It was more like I ran out of my usual Chloe Narcisse, which is my alltime favorite, can't shake it, signature scent
23rd August, 2009
Supposed to have notes of mandarin, water lily, sandalwood, vanilla and honey. I get spicy florals and mandarin from it. But the spicy honey component is disturbing for me. I don't honey much and if a have honey on me i would be sticky and walking with flies and bees over me; these are not good inspirations; netiher the aroma of a oversweet honey in the mounth. honey is not something like caramel or vanilla; you cannot take its scent from far away and begin to dream about yummy cookies deserts waiting for you. The moment you get the scent of honey it sticks to your hand or mount or spoon. So it is not a bright idea to arouse apetitite . But people generally take notice of it on me and like it. may be i am the only one against honey and spicy florals
29th July, 2008
I love Realm. It smells like spicy mandarins soaking in honey. I would call it a very mild oriental, the kind you could wear anywhere without offending too many people. For me there are four types of perfumes: There is the kind that is so bad, it goes into the trash. There is the kind that gets used in the bathroom for air freshener. There is the kind that I will finish the bottle, but probably not buy again and then their is the kind that I buy over and over and over. Realm is the kind where I will definitely finish the bottle, but will probably not buy again. There are just too many perfumes out there.
03rd October, 2006
I tried it on at the department store and it made me smell like an outhouse. It was unpleasant trying to get over it the rest of our shopping trip. It just didn't want to go away.
18th April, 2006
I think this fragrance is fantastic. I love the candy-sweet, children's aspirin/cough drop topnote, and the floral body and tangy base just make it. It's pretty strong and probably too sweet for most, but I find it incredible. Personally I doubt that the 'pheromones' in it do what they claim (increase confidence?), but the fragrance itself is pleasant enough that it doesn't matter.
03rd November, 2004

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