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Bandit (1944)
by Robert Piguet


Bandit information

Year of Launch1944
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRobert Piguet
PerfumerGermaine Cellier
Parent CompanyFashion Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd
Parent Company at launchAlfin Inc

About Bandit

Bandit is a feminine perfume by Robert Piguet. The scent was launched in 1944 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier

Reviews of Bandit

Outstanding unisex, slightly animalic, floral leather, the circa 2000 parfum version.

The floral and the leather are the same smell, as if a zealous tanner made a dark, heavy leather jacket floral and shiny. A thick leather, but soft.

The base isn't a million miles away from the effect in Antaeus, I think they may have a similar patchouli.
06th February, 2016 (last edited: 07th February, 2016)
Bandit has been called the edgiest of "butch leathers," and I suppose it is, but for me it always enters the room with a wink and a healthy capacity for enjoying its calculated effects. Bandit's bitter notes are interwoven with indolic floral airs - glorious discord, fragrant (and flagrant) irony!

Comparing the 2015 EDP with a vintage extrait - which might be too much a case of apples v. oranges, even for Bandit - I find the vintage juice much more bitter, with accords that are smoother but at the same time harder to pin down; nevertheless, the core personality of this reference leather fragrance is intact and alive in its current iteration. Bandit will always be among my favorite leathers, but it is so much more than that: like all noteworthy incarnations, it is greater than the sum of its parts.
14th September, 2015

Dangerously sensual.BANDIT has the most wonderful scent of sex appeal.There's something very passionate about this perfume that men follow intensive you around every time you wear it.It is a perfume for the mature,unique and impertinent women who knows where she is going. Sultry,Classic,Seductive,Attractive,Intriguing, Leathery and Headstrong Passion.

All about BANDIT is an intoxicating blend of galbanum,bergamot,aldehydes,vetiver,oakmoss,civet, patchouli and especially leather.the dry down has a deep alluring and animalistic that leaves an impression and makes it for women are not afraid of their sensuality and also modern women who feel nostalgic about glamorous eras past.

Totally You can smell leather for a long time.BANDIT is perfect for COLD winter nights with someone you would like to seduce.It is not absolutely Feminine and i found a masculine characteristic in it but if any woman wear it,reminds me a Femme Fatale with hot emotion so i don't recommend it for the faint of heart at all.test it first before buying.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

30th March, 2015
The current version of Bandit by Piguet smells something *like* its vintage version, which means a classic aldehydated-leathery chypre, with “humid” and heavy floral notes on a gloomy base of leather, woods, civet, galbanum, patchouli, benzoin, and the usual green-floral breeze: shortly, a feminine "femme fatale" scent like Habanita or Cabochard (which means men can easily wear them as well, as such scents now became more masculine than the masculine ones). But as for (new) Habanita and (new) Cabochard, this current reissue has not the slightest resemblance in terms of quality with its predecessor. It is plain, artificial, inoffensive to all extents: the notes are apparently more or less the same, but their texture, their substance is remarkably different. The new Bandit completely lacks in all the smoky, dark, raw animalicness of the vintage versions, its organic dark shadiness, and the thick richness of each note. And obviously, civet and oak moss are just pale echoes in today's version. The smell “seems” somehow similar, so in a way it may be considered kind of decent as they did not apparently reformulate it that much; they just tamed down what had to be tamed down due to regulations and changes in customers' taste. Comparing Bandit today to its vintage ancestors feels like watching a mediocre photograph of a scene, and be where it has been shot – you miss all the palpable “living” feel. Plain and weak, simply put. No evolution of the notes also, they all just become drier and more rubbery. It’s not a disaster, but as much costly as it may appear, if you truly *like* perfumes go for the vintage.

5,5-6/10 (current)
9/10 (vintage)
24th December, 2014 (last edited: 25th December, 2014)
I realize that this is a classic scent, that its tar note was revolutionary for chypres up to that time (1944), that it was Marlene Dietrich's scent, that its revolutionary mix of ingredients (including one percent of Isobutyl Quinoline, the bitter tar note, which changed the entire molecular structure) places it in a perfume hall of fame niche…..

However, it is vile to my nose. The rich, ripe fruit opening is quickly followed by the oak moss, IQ combo, and makes it to my nose repulsive. I love chypres. I hear that this inspired my favorite scent, Cabochard, and also Aramis, which I also loathe. So, I am attracted to the recipe, but Cabochard refines it, Aramis trashes it, and Bandit just sits there, smugly laughing at me.

Turin gave it 5 stars, deemed it a "bitter chypre," dark with no softness. Barbara Herman called it a "bitter, smoky leather chypre," noting that the IQ note was rubbery and bitter. Roja Dove calls it "brutish."

Top notes: Artemisia, Bergamot, Galbanum, Neroli, Orange, Ylang, Gardenia
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose, Orris, Carnation
Base notes: Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Musk, Mousse de Chine, Castoreum, Myrrh, Amber, Civet, Isobutyl Quinoline.

Excessively masculine, not at all feminine, tres dominaitrix - perhaps Dietrich used it to repel suitors.

Do experience it, but at your own risk.
15th October, 2014
Take Miss Dior (Originale), add a dash of Kouros, a twist of lemon... and voila, you have Bandit (current version EDP), well just about.

BUT, as Bandit is the predecessor of these modern classics, all credit must be given to Bandit as the true masterpiece.

I eagerly smelt Bandit for the first time recently after reading many reviews... I was expecting something very strong, smoky, leathery, a touch abrasive and very polarising. I found none of these traits. instead, I found a very subtle fragrance that stays close to the skin. To start, there is a blast of lemon shadowed by the earthy muskiness / green cleanness blend reminiscent of Kouros before it dries down to something very very similar to the dry down of Miss Dior Originale (the thieves!), but a bit less musky and a bit less sweet. I get no leather, no animalic tones, no engine oil, no femme-fatale in kick ass boots.

Instead, Bandit is the skin of a woman with quiet confidence, chic sophistication, but strong independence and originality and a penchant for all things new and unexplored. This lady refuses to be type-cast, cannot be stereotyped, she is simultaneously classic, current and avant-guarde.

This fragrance is stellar and such a perfect blend of its components, that the components cease to exist, instead melding into one single note, that of the skin of the woman every woman want to be. Divine!
23rd July, 2014

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