Visa (1945)
    by Robert Piguet

    • Launched: 1945
    • Type: Feminine
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Germaine Cellier [1945 version] / Aurelien Guichard [2007 version]
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Visa Fragrance Notes

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    Relaunched in 2007

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    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
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    The recent version:
    Peach and pear like long-lost siblings unite to a delicious opening blast, with a violet leaf component and a citrus underpinning. It is rich, fruity but not sweet. Rose, ylang-yang, benzoin and patchouli are added in the drydown, with the latter making a mark in particularly. In the base the centre of the base notes introduces itself as a nice sandalwood that is given depth with a balanced vanilla of limited sweetness. This is all very well blended of high-quality ingredients. Performance is exceptional with very good silage and projection, and an outstanding longevity of eleven hours on my skin.
    Remembering the vintage from a while ago, I agree it was the superior, richer scent, but in the case of Visa the reformulation is a very good product indeed - not always is the modern version a bad one.

    23 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Visa puts a slightly different touch on the fruity perfume. Itís a stewed stone fruit mix. Plummy/peachy/apricot-like. Itís also got a taste of indeterminate spice along the clove/cardammom/nutmeg axis. Spices that would go well with stone fruit, incidentally. Itís not bright by a long shot, but neither is it heavy or impenetrable. Though dark and concentrated, it remains notably fruity; not boozy, not syrupy, not leathery to my nose (despite many reviews Iíve read), and not Ďradiantí in the grand Iso-E Super manner.

    The drydown loses some of the wattage the fruit has at the start, but comes to have a hushed nectar-sweetness similar in olfactory hue to the woody/aromatic scent a piece of unfinished rosewood has.

    If youíre looking for a fruity perfume that doesnít convey ditziness or guilelessness, try Visa.

    30th November, 2012

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    Croatia Croatia

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    for me perfect peach in a bottle!, not too sweet, not cloying, so well balanced rounded, and longevity is above my expectations!
    i am not big fan of fruity parfumes becasue they usually all smell the same, and chemical, but this one took me by surprise , without beeing syrupy or chemical it smells soft , warm and radiates all day long, i can not smell leather at all! whatever it is it gives it well balanced sweetnes,
    robert piguet offers great value for just a little more money...i just love it maybe more then fracas, becasue its not so loud :)

    01st October, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    There are so few straightforward fruity perfumes around (cheapo synthetic concoctions that smell like syrup donít count) that havenít been messed about with ill-judged spice or shrieking flowers. But then one has Visa Ė gloriously juicy and gumdroppy, full of optimism and abandon. What can I say Ė it makes me come over all fruity, in the mood for mischief. Sure there is a backdrop of top quality floral absolutes and thereís vanillic warmth in the base, but they play a muted supporting role to this 3-D, bite-into-it fantasy on white fruit. Some hours in, things get a bit more abstract, suffused with a rosy glow, but by then Iíve had my high. The deep base is mainly murky patchouli, as far from the opening as one can get Ė and a bit of a disappointment.
    Apparently the vintage was darker, all gussied up in a leather bustier. I couldnít care less when the current formulation is this good, a pick-me-up for all seasons. Have Visa, will travel (no, make that: will dash about madly, giddy with pleasure).

    14 July, 2012

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    From the very first spray I can already tell this has oomph and tenacity which comes from the underlying vanilla and patchouli .On top of this sits a plum rather than peach on me . I actually find Visa to be quite linear becasue it reveals everything from the get go .
    I also see the reference to Angel in Visa though Visa is more wearable. Alongside the plum- peach I also get chocolate which I think is coming from the vanilla + patchouli accords. Throughout there is this real nod to gourmand . In entirety, Visa smells very plush and velvety . It smells sophisticated .
    I can describe it as a plate of heaped dried peach and plum , steamed till soft and drizzled with vanilla and dark chocolate. The aroma from that plate would be the essence of Visa for me . I don't get any leathery notes at all.
    I don't really like chocolate in my scents but the chocolate I am getting is probably my own perception. I am sure a lot of wearers don't perceive chocolate in Visa ,from what I have read.
    Visa in current EDP - as a color I would say is a velvet purple .

    14 June, 2012

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    I am reviewing the new formulation (2007) of VISA and I must say to my nose, it is a direct copy of Mugler's ANGEL - the same outrageous burst of balsam and berries - I adore the latter and indulge myself in this totally unique scent.

    However, VISA disappears almost immediately while ANGEL, even in its edt guise, lasts all day.

    Now who borrowed from who? I have no idea what the original VISA was like. If close to this, then ANGEL is not the original conception we all thought it was. If it is nothing like the new formulation, then Piguet has borrowed Mugler's formula and slapped an old label on it, but without its lasting quality. ANGEL dries down to Earl Grey Tea, divine!

    Either way, ANGEL is far more affordable than any Piguet marketed scent, so probably best to get inexpensive samples of each and try them out for yourself. If you love this scent, it is merely a matter of price per quantity that will decide your purchase.

    09 March, 2012

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