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Fracas (1948)
by Robert Piguet


Fracas information

Year of Launch1948
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 480 votes)

People and companies

HouseRobert Piguet
PerfumerGermaine Cellier
Parent CompanyFashion Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd
Parent Company at launchAlfin Inc

About Fracas

Fracas is a feminine perfume by Robert Piguet. The scent was launched in 1948 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier

Reviews of Fracas

Purchased the pure parfum 'cause a little dab'll do ya, dontcha' know?

Hell's bells this is some gorgeous tuberose! Don't think I've underestimated the power...oh no! I only wear this freakishly fabulous delight when I'm feeling and looking my best. No reason for someone to get whiplash and not have an eye-full, right? This requires a long, fitted skirt, I think. A short tweed jacket paired with a silk blouse. Tall boots. Feminine, without being overtly sensuous. The Fracas takes care of that, I do believe.

I seriously doubt I need to write much more. Do you?
09th November, 2015
To me, Fracas is every bit the masterpiece it is purported to be, the ultimate reference tuberose. I love white flower fragrances and have acquired a number of them over the years, across a wide range of pricepoints and labels: beautiful as each might seem on its own, next to Fracas they seem either limp or starchy. I find Fracas exquisitely balanced between delicacy and exuberance, even in its 2015 reformulated iteration.

A friend who does not share my perfume obsession, once remarked that surely a drugstore 'gardenia' must smell as good as any other white floral, regardless of reputation or history - so I sprayed a reasonably faithful tuberose/gardenia blend on one wrist and Fracas on the other, waited fifteen minutes, and let him smell them. He just blinked and shook his head. Not even close.
14th September, 2015
Hello daddy, hello mom, I'm your wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-ite flower bomb.

In a world dominated by elevator-friendly white-noise scents, I get a gleeful kick out of bringing this one out to play every once in a while. It annoys the shit out of my husband, too. One eensy spritz, judiciously applied at the start of the day, will have him hound-dogging his nose in the air through at least late afternoon, protesting, "What on earth did you spray this time?"

Oh, honey, only one of the world's greatest, if polarizing, florals. Deal with it.
02nd June, 2015

What can i say about FRACAS by ROBERT PIQUET other than OMG.This captures the essence and warmth and sensuality in a classy way.Absolutely fascinating and one of the best evening perfumes.Passionate, Alluring,Hot,Classic,Timeless, Floral,Heavy and Masterpiece.

It has adult floral which seems to drive men to the edge of insanity.Rose,Tuberose,Violet,Lily and mandarin orange make way for a rich and sensual brilliance to FRACAS base as it has an underlying sensuality that you get positive feedback from people when wearing it.

This passionate harmony is so impressive as in my opinion Whether you are in jeans or a gown,This EDP draws forth your feminine sensuality as nothing else can.This great perfume strictly reserved for doubt it is suitable for a Intrepid lady.I'd say if you want to hook in your man (or a new one),use this.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.


30th March, 2015

I consider myself a Femme Fatale of sorts. I'm in my late 40s, bodacious, I wear stilettos and vamp lipstick and often head to toe black. But I am not woman enough for this scent. The overwhelming scream of that needy, needy tuberose is just too much. I recognize it is a masterpiece of a fragrance but ever since Michael Kors ruined tuberose for ever more I can't smell it and much less tuberose on acid.

I'll leave this one to Madonna.

I have to say I might wear it for one night in a floor length black velvet vintage Givenchy, but not in real life.
10th August, 2014
Two salient facts regarding Fracas:

1.) It’s beautiful.

2.) It can knock down a charging bull elephant at 100 yards.

If you can wear it, more power to you. Most women I smell it on apply far, far too much, which is to say more than one spray. Please, for the love of god, keep it light ladies. Also be aware that Fracas is one of the two most instantly recognizable perfumes of all time. (Chanel No. 5 is the other.) People will say to themselves “Oh, she’s wearing Fracas.” If that thought bothers you, consider another tuberose.

As an aside: I am a man. I wear tuberose. I wear Carnal Flower. I wear Tubéreuse Criminelle. I will not wear Fracas.
14th June, 2014

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