Fracas (1948)
    by Robert Piguet

    Fracas Fragrance Notes

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    The opening is full-on: a jasmine with an orange note that soon gives way to the lead performer: tuberose. A rich, luscious, velvety somber tuberose. In the further drydown a strong violet note mixes with carnation and a touch of coriander to compliment the tuberose. After a flowery interlude where some orange blossom makes an appearance, cedar and musk announce the base notes, with still an
    echo of the tuberose palpable. Finally towards the end a nice medium-weight musk forms the swansong of this episodic olfactory voyage. Very good silage and projection with nine hours of longevity. This is for the reformulation. A very nice scent and a great tuberose.

    24 January, 2014

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    Indonesia Indonesia

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    The one I have is of course not the original from 1948, but it's still ok although I expect it to be more milky and more body like the real tuberose.

    10th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 12 December, 2013)

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    Italy Italy

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    Floral in a complex way.
    A notorious fragrance for sure and an epitome of the elegant and classy tuberose along the years though i absolutely feel along the complex evolution some further floral nuance (at least jasmine and lily) and a bunch of detectable olfactory feels (oakmoss, amber, exotic fruits, green notes, bergamot etc) disgorging in to a sort of buttery floral mélange. Probably i've tested the reformulation which gives me the sensation to follow a sort of ideal modern trend and which manteins the fresh, green and hesperidic opening but in my opinion ends down to be too much creamy (a sort of too "modern" and a bit synthetic creamy peachy/coconutty vibe) for my full pleasure. In this phase the aroma doesn't work gloriously on my skin. I detect an herbal/hesperidic/rooty-floral classic introdution (probably this botanic and slightly vulgar phase is the part i prefer, still realistic and in line with the tradition) may be with hints of aldehydes, a central deeply floral turmoil (with a barely dominat tuberose surrounded by different floral sparks) and a final ambery/honeyed fruity-floral dry down with a faint mossy/chypre/vetiver background. I'm in line with the great JTD (excellent review as usual) as i'm tending to neglect the soliflors and to prefer the complex mélanges exalting and enriching a floral histrion as in this case (till when anyway a final honeyed exoticism ends to compromise the initial realism of the floral aroma) . Anyway a still respectfull concoction (from a glorious brand) with a huge reputation and a complex concert of nuances. Still stout on my skin.
    Pros: Classic and avantgard
    Cons: Finally too much honeyed and exotic for my full pleasure."</p>

    21st October, 2013 (Last Edited: 09 February, 2014)

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    Tuberose Official

    First off, lets get this out the way: I am a Guy. Now you say, what does a guy doing with an ultra diva like Fracas. Well , I will tell you. My two favorite notes are White Florals and Dirty Musks. There is a certain juxtaposition about this that I absolutely love. I am a very confident kind of fellow that I would proudly wear this classic perfume with honor. A crisp white Valentino shirt opened, perfectly tailored Ralph Lauren Purple Label pants, and two sprays of Fracas on my chest, Im off to conquer the world full of Aqua di Gio, Versace Eros, and other colognes about a million guys wear. But how many guys proudly wear Fracas?

    On my skin, Fracas is the full blown Queen herself, my favorite flower: Tuberose! This review is the review on my own skin: At first Spray, I get white flowers all mixed in with each other- the jasmine, orange blossom, and a hint of tuberose. After about five minutes, I get a lots of Jasmine and Tuberose. Then the Tuberose herself in full bloom. I dont really get any dry down. Just Tuberose.

    The longevity in Fracas is like a Diva on my skin. Sometimes she's temperamental and only stays a couple of hours and sometimes she demands attention and stays forever, especially on my clothes. The silliage is wonderful.

    Not every Man can pull off Fracas. You had to have a lot of love for Tuberose and White Florals to pull it off.

    07 October, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Finally got to experience the grand 'ole dame of tuberose - FRACAS. And what a heady experience it was! The tuberose is unmistakable - front and center, with fresh mentholated hints of muguet in the fringes - an aspect isolated and amplified by Serge Lutens in Tubereuse Criminelle. More interestingly is the wavering degrees of tension in the undercurrents between the cleaner green floral facets and the tuberose's more musky sensual underpinnings.

    Unfortunately what ruins it for me is a distinctly tropical coconut oil vibe that I don't particularly enjoy. It is this very feature I found objectionable in Versace Blonde and one that interferes with my enjoyment of this otherwise bold 1948 tuberose classic. Still I cannot deny it a well-deserved respect-worthy 'thumbs up'.

    18 March, 2013

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Not much to add. This can be the reference, holy grail tuberose. What a bomb.

    25 February, 2013

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