Tocade (1994)
    by Rochas

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    Feminine and sultry

    I LOVE Tocade. I get more compliments on this perfume than any other. I love the sultry side, which I would say has Amber notes and slight Woodsy tones.....and the softer side, which is mixed with Vanilla.....maybe a tiny bit of is just dynamite! It is so appealing too, as it dries down. PERFECT for me, as I love to be able to smell a perfume as I wear it, and the scent lingers just enough to remind me that I am WOMAN! I never get tired of Tocade. I just ordered another bottle to be sure I never run out!!

    Pros: This perfume is soft, luscious, vanilla with amber.....LOVE IT. And the bottle is so pretty!
    Cons: none

    27 May, 2013

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    Tocade smells like turkish delight without being too sugary. The rose is lush and candied and the vanilla is deep and sensual. This fragrance is a classic, one that transcends its time. It doesn't smell like other 90s scents, nor does it smell like any of today's sugar-patchouli behemoths.
    Luscious, delicious, sexy, and about $40 for 100ml. Proof there is a perfume god and that he loves us.

    08 November, 2012

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    anomie et ivoire

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    "Tocade" means 'whim;' the perfect name for this little dreamboat. Cartoonish yet satisfying big, big rose. A non-candy, deep and delicious vanilla. Powder that isn't baby or demure; more ... disco festive. If you don't like amped amber and vanilla or a classic rose and patchouli accord, skip this. I love rose/patch more than anything, and Tocade's take is easygoing. Created in 1994, Tocade is primary colors and madcap fun like Sassy Magazine, not the beige and black sophisticate 90s of Issey & co.

    If you can find it, get the version with the gold design still on the box. It smells a lot better than the reformulation, whose box is entirely red. I do actually like the reformulation in spite of others saying it's terrible: more chemical than the older, yes, but don't sniff right at the skin and wait until ten minutes into drydown, and the chemical haze fades.

    Heeding charges of "bugspray:" citronella is listed as an ingredient in the new Tocade (also in countless other reforms), and it is discernable but also strangely pleasant. Citronella is derived from lemongrass, and plenty find that a nice enough smell, but here the chemical called citronellol gives Tocade its distinctive geranium note. I wore Tocade all this summer while outside, and the one-two punch of the naturally insect-repellant patchouli and citronella banished mosquitos.

    Often times perfumer Roucel's magnolia+freesia accord goes watery, but the vanilla, rose, and clean patchouli overdose of Tocade throw the usually dominant Roucel signature into a supporting role. This is a sillage beast, and you needn't spray more than once, especially if you're not into strong scents, but since Tocade is also vanilla-soft and very pleasing, I sometimes spray four+ times and nobody complains (in fact this one gets a lot of compliments, not that I wear perfume to please others, but it's a small mercy on others that this doesn't terrorize either).

    Tocade is a classic oriental of very high quality available for super cheap. Bonus: there's a plasticky note in here that puts niche attempts at synthetic irony to shame by referencing non-perfumey smells but staying incredibly charming and wearable. If CDG did this one in a line called TOY or something, it'd be worn more by guys, too. But Tocade has more than enough fans as-is.

    15 September, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Scented-eraser rose and vanilla sugar cloaked in an odd, ozonic, rubbed vinyl kind of smell (probably an iris note). What hidden part of the reptilian brain this tickles, I don't know, but it often seems just right for evenings at home or on days when other perfumes seem a bit shrieky. What it lacks in refinement, it makes up in comfort and approachability. According to J-C Ellena, the first perfume to use Magnolia leaf eo, whatever that smells like.

    29 June, 2012

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    Hats off to the oriental bottle design - attractive and seductive on its own.

    The juice itself is very Shalimar/Jicky with a dry down that includes a subtle hint of rich dark chocolate.

    Smoky, dark, with a subtle, almost undetectable sweetness - this is a fine dry oriental.

    18 March, 2012

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Well, once again I agree with Awsomeness, makes me heave just even thinking about it... nothing else to say.

    11th March, 2012

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