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Bouquet Impérial (1991)
by Roger & Gallet


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Year of Launch1991
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People and companies

HouseRoger & Gallet
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchElf Aquitaine > Sanofi Beauté

About Bouquet Impérial

Bouquet Impérial is a feminine perfume by Roger & Gallet. The scent was launched in 1991

Bouquet Impérial fragrance notes

Reviews of Bouquet Impérial

A petitgrain and geranium floral bouquet on a base of powdery amber and glossy musk.

There are also some fleeting citrus notes on top and a bitter dark bergamot, with lavender, jasmin (and maybe neroli) floralisers, and even a herbal note comes through in the background, along with a praline-like vanilla that pops out from time to time later on.

This makes for a decent if rather straightforward orange powdery affair, and the quality is ok (except for a metallic undertone that emerges later on), so if there's nothing wrong with Bouquet Impérial why the neutral rating? The reason isn't down to this specific example but to the Amber Eau de Cologne in general.

At first, the idea of mixing Cologne and Amber seems to be a good one; orange - bergamot - amber could potentially be a harmonious structure to build on, but in practice the spirit of cologne and amber are diametrically opposed. The sweet heaviness of amber tends to pull citrus down and rob it of its éclat, the light sparkling notes of citrus are in danger of being submerged by the dense enveloping amber. Instead of a lively contrast they cancel each other out. In the case of Bouquet Impérial, with its citrus sparkle muted and the sensual fullness of amber scaled back, the resulting compromise is largely a middling, bland, dry-sweet powderiness with an orange direction thats somewhere between citrus and amber.

The Eau de Cologne Ambrée enjoyed some popularity in the earlier part of the last century. On the back of new production methods, materials like vanillin enjoyed a massive fall in cost and hence a huge rise in their use by perfumers, especially at the lower end of the market. Amber Eaux were cheap and easy to make and legacy bottles made by obscure brands can still be found occasionally on the flea markets of Paris. I have one or two and they don't smell that much different from the Roger & Gallet, just less finely crafted.

Bouquet Imperial was not bad, if a little dull, but to me this type of Eau de Cologne Ambrée smells stuffy and dated. It evokes dusty images of Tsarist princesses in floor length gowns. No surprise then that this outmoded museum piece has been discontinued.

(For a good Eau de Cologne Ambrée the soap made by Mont St Michel is pretty hard to beat.)

28th June, 2017
A strange little cologne. It's musky, like that weird rubbery musk in Mure Et Musk that kind of smells like an old plastic doll. There's a pinch of civet that gives a pinch of bathroom stink, and everything else is vague spicy citrus. It's quite weak and after an hour or two dries down to a thin smudge of clove.

Seriously, this is really very weak. I've sprayed on A LOT a few times now, trying to get a good sense of what it's doing, but I think this would require a huge splash from a full bottle to really sing. That being said, that would make the poopy rubbery musk unbearable for my tastes, so I don't think I could handle it. With so many great old fashioned colognes out there, I see no real reason to worry about one that a) has musks that I don't like, and b) is too weak. Meh.
31st March, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
unisex freas/floral rose extravagance for an hour an poof, it's gone.
18th March, 2013
It is very pleasant indeed, but as any Eau od Cologne, it lasts the time it takes you to utter its name. It may be more sophisticated than many EdCs, but it is one of the priciest too and honestly, I rather have the two bottles of 25 oz.each of Agua Lavanda or/or Heno de Pravia I could buy with the same money I need for just one 3.3 oz. bottle of Bouquet Imperiale. Maybe that is the reason it was discontinued, it could not compete with those two, or even 4711 that is also cheaper.
It will be missed, but not that much.
Because of its price it does not deserve a thumbs up.
03rd September, 2011
I think Roger&Gallet products are of excellent quality and Bouquet Imperial is no exception.
I just hope that the fact that L'Oréal has acquired Sanofi Beauté doesn't mean the end of these wonderful and affordable products.

I started wearing Bouquet Imperiale about ten years ago and never stopped.

It smells clean in a soft and musky way, not as if you had been scrubbed with a Brillo pad.
It is spicy, nutmeggy, leathery and fruity at the same time and has very good lasting power for an eau de toilette. I am usually wary of fruity scents but this is by no means cloying or too sweet.
I find this intriguing in a casual and relaxed way. Simple but not minimalistic. Sexy without trying too hard. Refreshing but warm.

02nd January, 2011
Bouquet Imperiale is a very light, bright floral citrus with hardly any sillage or longevity, it is completely appropriate as a unisex summer cologne splash as it is not likely to make an immediate impact regardless of how much of it is used. Petitgrain, bergamot and alyssum dominate the top and middle notes anchored by a slightly smoky musk that is barely discernible. It is an uncomplicated, well-behaved everyday cologne of good stock and refined temperament.
06th May, 2010

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