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Romeo di Romeo Gigli (1989)
by Romeo Gigli


Romeo di Romeo Gigli information

Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseRomeo Gigli
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchProteo

About Romeo di Romeo Gigli

Romeo di Romeo Gigli is a feminine perfume by Romeo Gigli. The scent was launched in 1989

Romeo di Romeo Gigli fragrance notes

Reviews of Romeo di Romeo Gigli

You know what immediately keeps a freesia-heavy fragrance from smelling like a hair care product? Basil. What a sharp idea, that, taking the white floral bouquet into the spice garden. Romeo here is like the Mediterranean, kitchen savvy alter ego of vintage Diorella; yellow citruses, green herbs, white florals, and golden resins create a sunset palette of an accord. Very natural and very good.
13th April, 2014
It could be honeysuckle. At any rate, it’s a beautifully fresh / floral fragrance. The top notes are citrus, fruit, and, let’s say, floral—a wonderfully singular floral that flaunts its beauty and purity, supported by a demure plum note and some reticent citrus notes. The floral top eventually joins in the full floral bouquet in the middle level—practically every flower including orchid and rose. This middle level is superbly balanced, surprisingly non fru- fru, and lasts as only a pre 90’s scent can last. The base is a traditional amber, musk, sandalwood—delicate and lovely. All the accords are full, beautifully structured, and tasteful. There’s not a trace of synthetic ambiance in the entire movement. This is a light and refined fragrance that is warm, comforting and absolutely lovely.
11th December, 2010
Very strong on the jasmine and freesia, this is a southern belle floral. Lovely when in the mood for...jasmine and freesia! The notes sound chypre-like, but it's really a heady floral. (Notes: Bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, freesia, sandalwood)
22nd May, 2007
Me too! I LOVE Romeo. Smells like one of this sultry summer twilights, you know, the smell of fragrant magenta stocks (Matthiola), honeysuckle (I agree) moths round about, mad crickets etc. Beautiful, sexy, sensual, deep and mysterious, like a dark, indigo velvet.
13th May, 2007
I LOVE this fragrance. I believe the overpowering note in this particular fragrance is honeysuckle. It is the PERFECT fragrance for springtime for women, or even some men (like me). It may be very floral, but I find when I wear floral fragrances I get the most compliments. Besides there are many men's fragrances that could pass as women's fragrances. I suppose these are the "unisex" fragrances I particularly like this one, and am surprised there is not a picture of the unusual bottle in which this fantastic fragrance comes in. I have the bottle sitting on my coffee table in the main salon as a "conversation piece." It is a truly beautiful bottle, and perhaps Basenotes will be putting a photo of the bottle here soon. I would highly suggest this fragrance if you want to smell fresh like honeysuckle and different from many of the other floral fragrances out there. It's a safe bet! Happy spraying!
06th April, 2006

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