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Sandalo is a feminine perfume by Santa Maria Novella.

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I really like this Sandal very much the beginning to mid way this smells of the Original Chandrika Soap with a touch of Tam Dao. Then from the middle to the dry down it smells just like Minorien Fu-In Sandalwood Incense exactly like it! So if you love those two scents in that soap and Japanese Fu-In Sandalwood I would definitely get this. It itches that incense scratch :-)
27th July, 2015
Now as a general remark for the SMN products ,it should be said,albeit in my personal view,but still for what it's worth,I believe many will agree that the perfumers at SMN sometimes just can't do it without soap.So many composititons contain soap aldehydes that it starts to look suspicious.So Sandalo-feminine?I would doubt.What I get is an impression of a clean,just washed(with that old school industrial washing powder) and ironed cotton shirt,being worn for some time by an old burly bloke so that it gets a distinctive amber tint and then with some strange cologne put on it which was supposed to contain sandal.And yes-where is sandal?That's pretty much the question here.Overall a fragrance that is cosy,quiet,with a kind of "I'm staying home in a robe and fluffy slippers"-character .
14th February, 2015
Recently an Italian friend gifted me a carrier bag- full of dried bushels of a particular wild oregano found only in Southern Italy, a special, much prized stuff, with a strong unique flavour very different to common oregano. Spent an afternoon rubbing this twiggy payload between my hands, breaking it down for putting in pots, sousing myself and my kitchen with it's fragrance in the process.

Tried Sandalo yesterday expecting, naturally, sandalwood, and instead recognised the rough, aromatic blast of my wild oregano. The herb has a distinctive smell; dry, strong, herbal, a little earthy, a touch of oily bitterness, and a definite medicinal, anisic aspect. A wonderful smell, but not one I would want to wear.

I definitely see this as masculine. Should be worn by an intellectual, cultured older gentleman, probably an academic, the kind of well-dressed academic whose self-assured style suggests confident, relaxed, liberalism and a sharp, enquiring intelligence. If you don't read Italo Calvino or appreciate wines and cheeses by regional speciality I don't think this is for you. If you like dry, anisic masculine lavenders you might want to give this a try....that's not to say this smells of lavender, just if you're into strong, dry aromatics it could be of interest.
23rd September, 2012 (last edited: 24th September, 2012)
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United Kingdom
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to wear this or polish the sideboard with it. A bit pricey when compared to Mr Sheen, and it contains less sandalwood. Not appalling, but far from appealing.
27th June, 2012
A challenging sandalwood. If you expect the usual creamy interpretation of this note, stay carefully away from Sandalo as this composition by Santa Maria Novella is everything but creamy and smooth. Strongly medicinal, spicy and with the typical rough-herbal signature of this brand pushed to the very limits.

I really wanted to like Sandalo but, believe it or not, to me it smells exactly like a mouthwash.
18th December, 2011
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United States
I once had the opportunity to sniff some pure Mysore Sandalwood oil. Surprisingly it only vaguely resembles the woody, spicy aroma of sandalwood one experiences with most perfumes. One can see the connection, but the pure stuff was buttery, creamy and even a tad sweet. SMN's Sandalo is more closely connected to this unadulterated sandalwood aroma then it is the 'traditional' interpretation of sandalwood found in fragrances like Floris Sandalwood, Profumum Santalum, etc. It's a tad sweet to start but evolves and becomes more aromatic on the skin over time. SMNs run the gambit from absurdly strong (Nostalgia, Peau d'Espagne) to mild (Rosa, Iris, Ambra). Sandalo is closer to the mild end of that spectrum and serves well those situations that call for subtlety when wearing fragrance.

Very desirable.
12th December, 2009

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