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Marescialla (1828)
by Santa Maria Novella


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Year of Launch1828
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSanta Maria Novella

About Marescialla

The original formula was created for a fragrant powder by Countess D’Aumont, the wife of a French marshall, who used it to perfume her gloves. It is said that her interest in alchemy aroused suspicion of witchcraft and that she was burnt at the stake. The “bouquet à la Maréchale” was in vogue at the end of the 1800s. In Tomasi di Lampedusa’s literary masterpiece Il Gattopardo, Angelica wore this perfume at the ball in Salina, where “the fragrance of the bouquet à la Maréchale arose from Angelica’s neckline...”

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Reviews of Marescialla

First, a fleeting impression which I can only describe as like petrol. This vanishes faster than a Harley Davidson on full throttle, leading to a rich spicy core of nutmeg and mace. There is a substantial chunk of carnation, giving a link to Shulton's "Old Spice". This is Old Spice, but not as we know it. A raw, untamed, uncensored version of the great men's classic.
12th September, 2018
Opens with a slightly astringent edge that dies down very quickly, leaving a nice, spicy fume. Old world vibe that is throughly enjoyable "and" wearable. Some might disagree, but this is very easy for me to wear a fragrance like this. Marescialla turned into a skin scent on me with 6 sprays in about 4 hours. I reapplied in the afternoon and it stuck around for about another 4 hours. Another excellent SMN fragrance in my book!
27th February, 2018
This is another one of those scents that I really admire, but cannot wear. I need to start a thread on this topic since most BNers claim that if they love a scent, they wear it. I only wish this were true for me, too.

Anyway, this is a BOMB of a fragrance and I mean that sincerely. Herby, spicy, smokey, medicinal--this one smells like something you'd mix together in a huge cauldron in the middle of the forest. And it lasts forever. It is as earth-bound and organic-smelling and darkly green as a witch's brew, and just as potent. I adore smelling it from the bottle, but I daren't spray it on, unless I feel like becoming Hester Prynne for the entire day and night.

Try it if you dare!
05th October, 2017
This is an old-school scent: very powerful, herbal and spicy. It bears a strong relationship to SMN's excellent Potpourri. I'd say this is spicier than Potpourri and a bit sweeter. There is a eucalyptus note along with the thyme, giving a minty aspect which brightens the dark, rich spices. The minty note really pops in cool, fresh air -- I didn't notice it in the shop but did when I stepped outside. Fairly smoky. The sweetness comes from the spices rather than any floral note. At first I thought there was vanilla in the dry-down. Then I revised my opinion and think that the spice mix has been made in a traditional way, maturing in oak casks. The vanillin note is what one finds in red wines aged in this manner.
I'd say the scent is outstanding, but for me it is so similar to Potpourri that I don't feel compelled to purchase it. It certainly is worth checking out!
20th June, 2016
My first wearing from a small decant I recently acquired. Interesting indeed! At first I was thrown, as everything kind of comes at you all at have to wait a minute for your brain to figure it all out. Very herbaceous, yet there is a brighter smokiness to it as well. Very spicy and bright woody. This stuff needs to be worn on a day when you can really think about it, but not the office. Ends up a dense, earthy and herbaceous patchouli. Thumbs up!
21st December, 2015
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United States
Marescialla is certainly a challenging perfume, and I suspect a lot of people will throw in the towel after five minutes. The opening can only be described as brutal, with its caustic, astringent scent of bay rum mixed with overwhelming piles of nutmeg and mace. It's probably the spiciest accord I've ever smelled, and I love it, but many will not.

After about a half hour or so, Marescialla shifts gears in a major way. It remains very spicy, but it becomes creamy and earthy. The drydown literally smells like a dark, creepy and spicy shaving cream, and the longer you wear this, the patchouli in the base becomes a dominating note. It all blends together amazingly well, and is one of the most unique and unusual fragrances I've ever tried. I love it.

I agree with those who say this smells more like a man's scent than a feminine one. It's the shaving cream-like accord which makes it hard for me to imagine many women wanting to smell like this, but for those who do, more power to you. It has room-clearing sillage and all day staying power, so a mere 5 or 6 drops from the splash bottle is enough to surround yourself with a cloud of Marescialla all day.

10th June, 2012

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