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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A very clear and sparkling jasmine that is uplifting and true to the essential oil. In fact it reminds me of this Egyptian Jasmine I brought back from Cairo for my girlfriend many years ago.

    There is also a hint of green making the jasmine smell fresh like it's just been plucked from a bush. Great if you love your jasmine straight up without other notes. But may be lacking if you expect more complexity from your fragrance.

    Great jasmine though!

    18 March, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    The scent of Jasmine is alluring enough as it is, but the flower gardens in my native Cyprus just OOZE of Jasmine after dark. The baking hot sunshine that radiates on the flowers during the day causes the aroma to be released ten fold at night, in my opinion.
    This is my first Serge and Lutens fragrance and is quite an amazing one. You don't need a lot, as the scent is quite concentrated as it is. Just a spritz and you can expect it to last all day. This scent amazes me by how "close" to the real thing it really is. I feel like I have my face buried in a flower bed of jasmine plants when this is down to the heart notes.

    09 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Jasmine, jasmine jasmine jasmine. It's like thrusting your face into jasmine and getting a blossom into your mouth. Not quite choking on it, but you're transported there, via your nose. Perhaps a little high-pitched for some, but in the spring, or when you're dying for it to be spring, it is exquisite. A touch of indole to make the jasmine more photorealistic, with a tiny bit of musk to carry it along.

    I love Big White Florals, but I find this one to be a bit too much for work. I can wear it all day long on my days off. Drops off pretty sharply about 5 hours after application, so I reapply.

    12 March, 2013

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    I thought Nuda by Nasomatto was the business when it comes to jasmine but wowzah .... A La Nuit is THE Queen of the Jasmine Scents .
    It is not that I have never tried A La Nuit before but I have always tried it when I was busying bingeing on other scents at the same time.

    Out of this world bell like sweet white flowered happiness of the jasmine blooming at night . It heaves and sighs JASMINE.

    The honey muskiness at the end is deliciously addictive and complements the jasmine oh so well - never distracts from the purity of this soliflore.
    Slightly indolic- just a touch compared to Joy EDP - it is a baby in the indolic dept.
    Tenacity is not so great to b e honest . A La Nuit is a heavy hitter in the first 30 min - 1 hr. Strong jasmine and you will not mistake this for anything else. Then it all quietens down to a fairly light fragrance on me - persistent but light.
    100 % a great choice for jasmine . In fact get 2 bottles.

    02 August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I love jasmine, so naturally I love A la Nuit. Jasmine haters be warned.

    This is a blunt, modern jasmine that is relatively indolic, but not as indolic as jasmine heavyweight Nuda by Nassamatto. This is a glowing yet sheer jasmine more forgiving, but not as forgiving as Blush by Marc Jacobs which is so sweet it's almost bug spray.

    A la Nuit is a persian princess's garden on steroids. It's almost a soliflore in that it doesn't morph as much as the other Lutens. You just keep getting jasmine over and over. It's actually quite wearable on a hot day and definitely brightened by humidity.

    I am disappointed in the staying power though and do suggest you rely on wearing it off of places where it doesn't rub away easily, like the wrist. In the elbow crease, on the shoulders and in the hair would be better.

    03 May, 2012

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    Turkey Turkey

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    The early minutes of the scent a sour note stands so high that besides jasmin i feel like some orange flowers and some gardenia is clearly there. Later jasmine grows to be more jasmine but still acidic more than indolic.
    I have some arabic jasmine growing on my porch which i admire. When it is on full bloom it has such an earthy animalistic note that my mum cannot belive jasmine is blameworty but my cat is. so i like jasmine as it is ; earthy or indolic or dirty. This jasmine is too clean for my taste. I cannot get any honey or musk. ı find nothing positive or negative about this scent. People with ambivalant feelings about jasmine should give a try.

    29 April, 2012

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