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Sa Majesté la Rose (2000)
by Serge Lutens


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSerge Lutens
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake
Parent CompanyShiseido

About Sa Majesté la Rose

Sa Majesté la Rose is a feminine perfume by Serge Lutens. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christopher Sheldrake

Sa Majesté la Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Sa Majesté la Rose

Opens as a beautiful, natural tea rose; tart with a touch of powder and fruitiness. A pure, almost transparent rose. Clean and intense, green with a touch of pepper far in the background. Something about it reminds me of clean, white laundry blowing in a breeze. An early summer rose rising out of cool grass. Sillage is good - I don't normally get comments on my perfumes but my co-worker noticed it... and asked what it was she liked it so much. Pretty linear, although well into the drydown the green became more intense and a tad musty. Not particularly complex or interesting but a well structured, natural rose soliflore. Pure but elegant and refined.
28th April, 2016
To my nose, this perfume smells almost identical to "Nirvana" by Elizabeth and James (white version), and to a rose fragrance that L'Occitane en Provence had (I can't remember the name) in the top and heart notes. Also, like "Nirvana", I noticed that this perfume also had the magical power to relieve my horrible stress headaches! Seriously, I kid you not, I had a stress headache that lasted almost two days, and nothing could cure it! Then, I made a trip to Sephora, and sprayed on some of this perfume from the tester bottle! ("Sa Majeste La Rose", not "Nirvana.) I noticed shortly after that my headache was cured! Now, part of that might also have to do with the shopping therapy, but I have also read that rose scents can have aromatherapy properties, which include relieving stress and anxiety. (And, apparently curing headaches!) I don't think I fully believed that until today! In any case, if you don't want or need roses to aid you in aromatherapy, this is definitely a very sexy perfume! It is almost entirely a very realistic rose soliflore, until it dries down to the base. It actually wasn't until this perfume dried down after a few hours that I could actually smell any honey at all! (Since this one is supposed to have honey as a note too.) The drydown skin scent is still quite rosy, but I can actually detect some honey as well. However, mostly this is not a sweet, innocent, light or girlie scent. Like "Nirvana", this is actually a fairly dark and mysterious rose fragrance, and comes across like a perfume that a femme fatale should wear! It's not really overly heavy though, and doesn't have the longevity or sillage that I've found in some other rose perfumes. I still like it quite a lot though! :) I definitely recommend trying it at least once, if you're a fan of rose perfumes at all.
28th November, 2015
On a good day, Sa Majesté la Rose is probably the best rose perfume I've smelled. It's like burying your nose in some sort of fantastic, hyper-realistic mega-rose, replete with a very natural-smelling piquant sheen and undertones of peach, honey, and cassis. Absolutely nothing about Sa Majesté smells artificial or cheap, including the quiet honeyed sandalwood drydown.

That being said, all the best divas can be temperamental, and I've had days where Sa Majesté smells like someone peed on a beautiful rose perfume. For that reason, I haven't splurged on a bottle, though I would absolutely suggest giving it a sniff to see how it works on you.
23rd September, 2014
Genre: Floral

Sa Majesté la Rose is the truest, clearest rendition of the 19th century Bourbon rose that I’ve encountered. (Keiko Mecheri’s Mogador comes close, but overdoes the sugar.) To those who know it, the scent of the Bourbon roses (Mme. Pierre Oger, Louise Odier, and Souvenir de la Malmaison among them,) is unique and unmistakable. It combines the rich, heady, and ever so slightly yeasty fragrance of a damask rose with a tropical fruit or raspberry note, with each component balancing and challenging the other in a complicated olfactory dance. Sheldrake and Lutens have nailed it.

The Bourbon rose accord is evident the instant Sa Majesté la Rose goes on, and it persists in a fairly linear manner that’s unusual for a Serge Lutens product. Don’t for a moment think that I hold this against the scent. The central accord is so bewitching that I’d happily have it go on for hours. There are few distractions along Sa Majesté la Rose’s march toward its floral throne: just some woods and perhaps a touch of vetiver in the base, with a bit of musk emerging in the drydown. All take a distant back seat to the truly majestic rose. Superb sillage and projection, and fine lasting power to boot. All this without a drop of the heavy syrup that bathes most of this house’s offerings.

Sa Majesté la Rose is a tour de force that demonstrates just what Sheldrake and Lutens can do when they lay off of their shared sugar addiction. They’re clearly not making all those sweet, heavy orientals because they can’t do any differently. If these guys put themselves on a diet more often, their line would be more diverse and interesting. Are you listening Serge and Christopher?

At any rate, bravo to the duo on this one! I hope someday they’ll make a few more like it.
02nd July, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Sa Majeste La Rose opens with a beautiful realistic pure "feminine" rose resembling the roses you would smell entering a florist. As the composition transitions to the early heart the pure rose starts to mingle with a sharp green soapy undertone that grows in strength through the remaining heart phase with the rose remaining as co-star. During the late dry-down the rose dulls somewhat as the soapy green undertone finally recedes, revealing traces of vague supporting wood in the base. Projection is very good to excellent with outstanding longevity of well over 12 hours on skin.

Sa Majeste La Rose is a composition that on paper has all the ingredients necessary for an outstanding rose soliflore and when first applied on skin one smells just that. The rose is so natural and airy at the open that it is hard not to be impressed early. If things continued as they began this would be a major rave, but alas, the composition gets a bit muddled during the heart phase as a difficult to place green soapy accord gets in the way of the gorgeous early untarnished rose presentation. The sharp green soapy concoction really feels out of place and is quite distracting, only allowing the composition to recover during the late dry-down as the soap recedes and a natural supporting woody undertone primarily takes its place, melding much better with the rose. The bottom line is the $130 per 50ml bottle Sa Majeste La Rose opens extremely strong, but falters in the middle before making a late recovery, earning a "good" 3 star out of 5 rating and a mild recommendation. That said, with so many excellent rose compositions on the market including Serge Lutens' own La Fille de Berlin, Sa Majeste La Rose may get swallowed up by the competition.
16th November, 2013
Crisp green rose

This is Serge Lutens’ green rose I guess. I’ve read that this is one of Serge’s own favorite perfumes - I think it was in mikeperez' review down there vvvv. If that's true, Serge doesn’t like the kind of roses I would think he likes, given the general aesthetic of his line. My guess would have been that he is more a Rose de Nuit man.

I sprayed on skin, inside my shirt, and on a paper strip for reference. The initial blast is a little soapy, a crisp yet succulent green rose. It's like shredding a rose bud the day before it blooms. It’s sappy and a bit waxy, with some watery fruit, but not sweet – inedible. On the paper strip the opening smells strange – the balance is all off and it has a bluish/metallic tone somehow. Don't judge this one from the first 15m on paper.

After the opening, an hour or so in, it’s more realistic, still a bit green, but softer and less defined. On my arm it’s not as green and smoother than it is inside my shirt. It’s lost that fruity succulent thing. Later in the dry down, it’s velvety and musky - very nice. About 5 hours later it’s been gone a while from my skin – on paper it’s still there, a crisp greenish rose standing straight in crisp air.

It’s good, but it’s not my kind of rose. The opening is interesting and refreshing, and the later development is beautiful - velvety smooth, but crisp and clean. But I don’t want to walk around smelling this all day. It loses points only because it's not my kind of rose.

Pros: Good development, realistic soliflor

22nd October, 2013

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