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Inouļ (1976)
by Shiseido


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Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Inouļ

Inouļ is a feminine perfume by Shiseido. The scent was launched in 1976

Inouļ fragrance notes

Reviews of Inouļ

This is very green, but also a bit acidic (thyme and juniper) or medicinal, as Barbara Herman describes it. Pine lightens it as does the jasmine.

I was not won over by Inoui, finding it interesting in its fruit/floral/herbal combination, but not memorable and not really that significant as a scent in and of itself.

One experiences more the chemical than the natural in the ingredients.

Not awful, but not good.

12th August, 2014
To die or kill for.My all time favorite hands down.The sharp, the sweet, the warm!!! Can't get enough. Where did it go?? Such a tragedy that they discontinued this one.
23rd April, 2014
Missing the chypre accord, Inouļ is to my nose mainly a green floral. It starts off herbal and acidic but soon morphs into a melange of green notes, powdery florals and a fleeting peach skin note somewhat reminiscent of Mitsouko's own. Unlike the Guerlain legend this Shiseido wears brighter and smells fresher, the freesia keeping an indolic jasmine in check and reins in the civet. Unfortunately for fans of green florals it's mostly the talc-like freesia I'm getting in sillage, and not so much of the balsamic greens. Up close and personal is where the real fun begins – like a well cut Tsavorite, its multiple jewel facets keeping the feline shadows tantalizingly visible but just out of reach.

'Inouļ' is French for 'unprecedented' yet there is an unmistakably Japanese element to the composition, particularly in reference to keeping things prim and proper on the exterior, notwithstanding the caged animal hidden within. If this were a film it comes with a 'mature' rating. Certainly not for the uninitiated and definitely not for fans of sweet bubble gummy scents.
27th February, 2013
Managed to find two bottles of inoui during my trip to tokyo a couple of years back. Inoui is a very well-composed chypre. i would regard it as fresh smelling, yet not boring. wonder why it was discontinued. if it was just the oakmoss, i think they shd be able to find alternatives. anyway, very pleased with my purchases. incidentally, one of the bottles is called "lotion de parfum" - a very tall rectangular bottle with a grey cap (glass has nice wavy patterns at the back). Haven't seen this bottle before anywhere previously. I also bought Angelique by Shiseido. The japanese sales lady was letting me sample some of the vintage ones she still has left, and Angelique was also an easy purchase - love at first sniff! love the green / rose / plum accord. she also gave me a vintage muraski tester as well.
10th February, 2012
This is a beauty. I'm not sure it is a remarkable beauty however. It is cheerful and friendly (perhaps the lemon in the opening?) light floral green. I can not detect pine or juniper or anything sharp. To my mind it seems like several "nice" things all in perfect balance..none shoving forward in dominance. If I had to select a leader, or a profile, I'd say "freesia". There is an impression on green peach skin there too - very fleeting. It lingers demurely (as other reviewers have noted). I am thinking it might be too youthful and polite to make it compelling for me...but I cannot deny its beauty.
20th May, 2010 (last edited: 26th January, 2011)
Very VERY beautiful fragrance. I very clearly get the lemony citrus in the top notes. These do not linger and this frag very quickly transitions into the heart. Almost immediately, a strong burst of white flowers comes to the forefront. The jasmin in this fragrance is amazing. It's definitely mixed with other florals here. I'm guessing it is the freesia and the jasmin together that is dominating the heart. I can't put enough emphasis on how beautiful this smells. Most certainly a feminine fragrance. This is the smell of a confident, assertive but carefree woman with an aura of soft sensuality. The heart lasts for about 10 minutes, I'd say, and it transitions into the base over the course of about 5-10 minutes afterward. The musky woods step in slowly and shake hands with the florals and begin to stand just in front of them. The florals are still there, but the scent as a whole takes on a much less ethereal feel and becomes more grounded, but not in a heavy way. There is definitely a bitterness to the woods here. I guess this is the first time I'm smelling civet. Haha, wow, this is great. This smells sort of like a mix between an unripened fruit and a rotten one.

The base is now firmly established. I am most definitely getting the animalic vibe here. Fleeting thoughts of sexual arousal dancing with a sort of bitterness or sourness. Amazing! This smells a little like sex. I don't know why, but it reminds me of "encounters" when I was a teenager and the lingering scents afterward. Sorry... just being honest. I've never experienced a perfume that has done this before. I'm sort of awestruck. After about 15 more minutes, the civet/musk accord steps to the side to reveal what was hiding behind it: the myrrh! The myrrh is plainly there now with the civet/musk influence getting less and less. It's possible that I am smelling oakmoss and cedarwood as well, but they are in the background here.

I am truly impressed with this fragrance and its blatantly exotic and beautiful smell. I still have almost 1/2 of a 1ml glass vial for another test run some other time. Two thumbs way up.
09th April, 2010

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