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Eau du Soir (1990)
by Sisley


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Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJeannine Mongin
PackagingBronislaw Krysztof

About Eau du Soir

Eau du Soir is a feminine perfume by Sisley. The scent was launched in 1990 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jeannine Mongin. The bottle was designed by Bronislaw Krysztof

Eau du Soir fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau du Soir

A weirdly irresistible chypre scent.EDS is a sexy fierce timeless vitage with a sense of femininity.a intriguing femme fatale in her sexy little black dress with deep hypnotic up wisps falling softly around her face.this fragrance can be dangerous,aggressive and vulgar.Classic,Daring, Earthy,Primal,Provocative,Deep,Sultry,Woody,Tempting, Instantly Recognizable and Strongly Animalic.

The opening is spicy with citruse notes,while floral hearts of carnation,iris,rose,labdandum and jasmine evokes sensuality.tempting patchouli,rich juniper and above all opulent oak moss enters a room with a sophisticated acts like a sensual love potion with a magical requires a sensual, tall,dark or brunette woman to wear this.for a confident woman who so attend to charm and seduceas it makes men turn their heads.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

29th June, 2016
Meh. It's adequate, but superfluous while Jean-Louis Scherrer still exists. Bought a 30ml because I'm a green chypre freak and want to try them all, and I'm wearing it semi-regularly, but frankly it's a chore, and I'm only choosing it because I want to finish the bottle, get that stupidly pretentious and ugly gold cap out of my house and return to the pure pleasure of wallowing in the real green chypres that it's imitating.

Not long now, Niki De Saint Phalle. There's only another 15ml to get through.
25th July, 2015
I've loved sniffing Eau de Soir at the stores for years now and *finally* got my hands on a sample. And now that I've worn it all day, I'm so disappointed...

At its core, it smells like a late-70's green chypre along the lines of No 19, but masculinized with mint and lavender. This is the part I love and that has attracted me for years. Unfortunately, there's also a weirdly mismatched too-sweet fake citrus paired with some plasticky rose that all just sticks out like a sore thumb. It's like a fantastic perfume layered with the cheapest, most fake-smelling fruity floral I can imagine.

It's certainly not terrible, though I'm not going to go so far as to say that it's "good" either. I guess my final point is that there are fantastic classic green chypres that are plentiful and inexpensive, so I don't really see the need for an expensive messy one.
10th May, 2015
Bold Classy Modern Chypre

Eau du Soir was one of those fragrances that I loved from * nearly* the first sniff. I was more interested in Miss Dior ( originale ) at first.

What won me over was the tenacity ,the quality and the complexity of this scent. It's a beautiful bold and sometimes called a 'fierce' chypre. When you wear Eau du Soir it is a commitment to wear it for the entire day because 2-3 sprays lasts that long.

What it is ,is bright and clear citrus top notes , a deep and luxurious heart of iris, jasmine, lily, seringa ,ylang ylang and a deeper and lasting drydown with clean patchouli and lots of moss. There is probably little oakmoss in it from what I smell .

Luxurious and classy is Eau du Soir. The whole thing from top to bottom smells wonderful . It is one of my favorite perfumes and you get what you pay for. 100 mls has lasted me more than 5 years already and I still have about 25 % left of the bottle.

The soap, shower gel and body cream are true to the scent and beautifully long lasting as well. Sometimes layering them all is too much scent ! Such potent stuff.

The limited edition bottles are very very cool .

Pros: Very Tenacious
Cons: Price"

26th September, 2013
Top: Grapefruit, mandarin orange
Heart: Carnation, iris, jasmine, French labdanum, ylang-ylang, patchouli, oakmoss, rose, lily-of-the-valley, juniper, pepper, syringa
Base: Musk, amber

To me, this regal fragrance is a sweeter, richer, dressier and more elaborate variation of Jean-Louis Scherrer (the original 1979 edition). In fact, EDS and JLS share the carnation, iris, jasmine, rose, amber, musk and oakmoss notes. Once the fresh hersperides have vanished and the dry-down begins, a luxurious floral bouquet emerges with opulent dark green notes and spicy hints of carnation and pepper perfectly balanced by the powdery iris note and the warm amber base. Eau du soir is wonderful at all stages of its development and its longevity is outstanding. This top quality fragrance is a true work of art. As a rule, I am outraged when fragrances cost three times as much as they should for no particular reason. Eau du soir is extremely pricey but in this particular case, I can clearly see why it should be so expensive. Pardon the old cliché, but Eau du soir is the Rolls-Royce of perfumes!
13th September, 2012
This is perhaps my total comfort, wear forever fragrance. A classic chypre that starts out quite citrus but mellows to a beautiful floral, very slightly spicy and mossy animalic base. I can't pick out each note but will give, instead, an overal impression. This is rich without being sickening, lasting but not cloying, has perfect sillage, is very warm and feminine and elegant. This is a mature scent and the body lotion is completely true to the fragrance. I usually avoid lotions because they are usually a disappointment compared to the fragrance, in this instance, I may actually prefer it. Just gorgeous. Can't say enough about this one. AND it smells natural and expensive. Lovers of classic chypres of a certain age must at least try this, I defy them not to fall in love.
02nd September, 2012

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