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Crème Bouquet (2001)
by Stila


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPatriarch Partners
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Crème Bouquet

Crème Bouquet is a feminine perfume by Stila. The scent was launched in 2001

Reviews of Crème Bouquet

One of the few scents I have backup bottles of (vintage Chanel 19 and Mitsouko are others). This the epitome of not too overpowering comfort vanilla and one of my favourite sleeping scents with no jarring edges (I could not sleep with the complexity of Shalimar for example). Dries down to a lovely mellow vanilla pudding. Thanks goodness I do have backups - this has been possibly discontinued a second time in early 2015. No longer available on the Stila website.
30th March, 2015
Creme Bouquet is a charming and delicious mix of vanilla and flowers that is just sweet enough. Lovely white petals and vanilla that settle into the most feminine baby powder cloud you can imagine. Love.
22nd June, 2011
Vanilla floral, mildly powdery ambience of a scent. Like a cloud of vanilla florals.Light ,feminine and quite delicious . A little bit of white flowers, a whole lot of vanilla ,pretty skin scent. Love. :)
if you like Ava Luxe Angel Face or Doll face , Calypso St Barth's Le'a and Profumum's Vanitas - then you will probably like this. It has the same vibe.
The list of notes are just vanilla, lilac and lily of the valley although I am sure there must be almond and heliotrope in there . The lily is not pronounced on my skin.This is lovely stuff.
18th April, 2011 (last edited: 20th April, 2011)
Totally over the top white buttercream frosting on angel cake in your Mom's kitchen of nostalgia, everything homemade and delicious. A spray of this sates my craving for a sugar fix. It's that evocative and potent.

I love it for its homey, vanilla-on-steroids baking smell. I hate it cuz it's so over the top and cloying. It's a guilty pleasure. Good for layering too, especially with something fruity like J'Adore to create the vanilla-peach accord.

Now discontinued and thus highly sought after.
01st March, 2010
i hate this scent. it makes my head ache. too strong for my liking. very creamy. smells like the toliet in my school.
15th October, 2006
Creme Bouquet needs some understanding and TLC on its wearer's part before it's able to bloom into a genuinely enjoyable fragrance. I was rather put off by this fragrance for some time, would apply it often during sampling visits to various stores and immediately react with an "ew, gross, air freshener-bathroom cleaner-cheap powder" assessment. And would then pass it by in favor of something less likely to provoke that type of reaction. Then, one day, I allowed Creme Bouquet to take its time and dry down properly and at its leisure, and ended up amazed at how beautiful it had become, vanilla intermingled with extremely delicate floral powders, reminiscent of scented pastilles and lace parasols. It has a certain Victoriana sensibility, with something almost like a charming touch of naivete with its sweet, innocent lily of the valley and pink lilac. I have loved it ever since and worked my way through two bottles of it. A very fine scent if given the chance it so richly deserves!
28th September, 2005

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