Angel (1992)
    by Thierry Mugler

    Angel Fragrance notes

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Berries, Honey, Bergamot

    Angel information

    No flowers in this scent! Just a whole load of food: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel...
    Its uniqueness is what makes it so popular, but also the reason others can't stand it.

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    I'm a guy, and I sport the hell out`a some Angel EdP, but then again, I'm a hard core Patchouli lover. This juice is insanely intoxicating! I firmly believe that you have to lean on the cusp of enjoying Patchouli to really appreciate Angel because that's a polarizing note in itself, let alone the gorgeous hot mess going about in Angel which is centered around Patchouli. Even after 22 strong years on the market, Angel has never been reformulated, so you're getting the same formula from 1992, and for a mainstream fragrance, it is kinda pricey, but very high quality... niche quality. The opening and heart are beautiful, but the drydown is insanely good. When applied properly, Angel is mindblowing. There should be 2 thumbs to the left over there...

    07 March, 2014

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    For me this was a full powered in your face scent. Having heard so many Thierry Mugler Angel converts talk about this incredible fragrance I had to try it. Purchasing a bottle I found I was so disappointed, I love Amber, Patchouli and scents with jasmine and rose but this just didn't translate.

    At first it's full on cotton candy with a hint of musky cocoa. The musk gives it a grown up edge but the cotton candy notes dampened down the adult aspect of this fragrance and I personally was left feeling like mutton dressed as lamb.

    It lasted all day, even after bathing which resulted in a serious migraine. I didn't give up, I wanted this to work so badly so gave it a few more goes finally deciding that it was a no-go for me.

    14 February, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    So, I have developed an appreciate for patchouli during my 8 month or so perfume journey. :) I also believe Olivier Cresp’s perfumery is genius, so why could I not get Angel? Ahhh! I first seriously tested Taste of Fragrance Angel and it’s so wonderful. The patchouli is not as strong, the chocolate accord is delightful!

    I decided to buckle down and seriously test Angel, not the sniff it in the store and wrinkle my nose type test lol. I’ve been wearing it all day and okay okay, it’s wonderful. It really is. Yes, it is strong. I think I would wear it when I’m going to be around smokers. Like I do Youth Dew and Habanita. There’s really something to be said for an expensive luxury item like perfume that lasts, that you can smell, that never fades to nothing. That you can smell hours later, especially when you need it, when you are active or want to drown out offensive smells. In an urban setting there is exhaust, etc, your senses are competing with. I can totally see why this has so many fans.

    My husband says it’s “sweet” that’s what he gets. No chocolate I say? No, just sweet. :) I do get more caramel in Angel than Taste of Angel, as well. I sense the chocolate, creamy caramel, vanilla, coconut - some freshness which I’m thinking is the citrus. Let's not forget the patchouli but really, I get more patch in Prada Amber than I do here. It’s sweet, strong, complex, attention getting and fun. Just don’t wear too much. ;)

    09 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 13 February, 2014)

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    I was so intrigued upon hearing about this scent. With a name like Angel, I envisioned a heavenly, spiritual scent, and it is anything but! This scent is strong and overpowering and muddled, so much so I had a hard time distinguishing any real notes. The best way I can describe it is like an artist coloring with every color in his pallet until it becomes muddy with no distinct color. " Angel like" it is not. When a perfume leaves you feeling choked up and queasy it is definitely not for you.
    With that said I realize my taste in perfume is much different than a lot of people and I can see how this scent could appeal to others...Thierry Mugler thinks way outside the perfumers box and I appreciate that, it's refreshing but for me his scents are so far out there, they are unreachable to me and my tastes. I love his ingenuity though, I think it's revolutionary.
    I can tolerate Alien and Womanity, but again, too much for me. My daughter took my Alien and loved it at first but had to roll the window down later just to breathe out of its aura.
    In summation, these are very adult pungent scents that command attention, albeit the right attention is for you to decide.

    22 January, 2014

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Why there isn't a page for the EDT version? This review is for the EDT.

    I bought it blindly after fallen into the A*Men series spell, and I must admitt it does smell like a flanker of the original male scent. It is sweet but I cannot say the source, it is not candy floss for one thing. I smell mostly citrus and patchoulli, a bit of pepper, a bit of vanilla. there is a fruit accord but for me it is very blured, it could be red berries. I don't get the woody note perhaps because I don't keep the EDT that long for real base notes, but I get the clean, musk feeling during the whole life of Angel EDT on my skin, about 4 to 5 hours, before I have a shower, I live in a hot country and in a small enought town for me to go home for lunch, I am a lucky/happy man. also, I don't get praline or chocolate, but a very bitter cocoa powder that geves A a very masculine edge, just like it does in L'Instant de Guerlain. In fact, having in my mind A*Men and Pure Malt all the time it is hard to realize it is in fact a woman's scent. One male scent much sweeter that this is Lalique Lion pour Homme, which is almost sufoccating vanilla for me. So, what makes it a feminine fragrance? There's no flower. No powderness. Angel EDT could be just as well A*Men Pure Citron Limited Edition. Not bad, not bad at all. Can't see why this shouldn't be a safe blind buy.

    11th January, 2014

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    Hate then Love

    The 1st spray is like spraying insect repellent! If you don't make it past 30 minutes of wear, you will always say that you hate this perfume and that if not anything will keep the mosquitos away. BUT if you are able to pass the 30 minute mark it changes to a warm vanilla. The strong patchouli that you smelled at first dies down tremendously.

    Pros: Unisex
    Cons: 1st 30minutes"

    17 October, 2013

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