Innocent (1998)
    by Thierry Mugler

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    Wales Wales

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    I do like Innocent, I do, but to me, it smells almost exactly like Angel, if a little watered down. They are too much alike to be considered "different".

    08 July, 2012

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    England England

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    Notes for Innocent according to perfume shrine:
    Top: bergamot, mandarin, helional
    Middle: dewberry, honey , blackcurrant, passionfruit
    Base: sugar almonds, amber, musk, meringue
    It's no longer a favourite, but I like Innocent, though I can't distinguish individual fruits, to me the fruits just add another variety of sweet. It seems I pick out the sweeties and the cake notes more- of honey and sugar almonds. Marshmallow ... and the scent of skin on a warm day - which may be musk with anything dangerous or sexy carefully sliced away. If anyone knows Nag Champa incense sticks, there's a touch of that in here too. A cross between the incense of a Kathmandu street and the staypuffed marshmallow man. It kind of works !

    03 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    06 August, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    I had been really stuck for ideas on what to get my best friend for her 21st, until I spotted a 50ml giftset of this fragrance for only $40. Angel by Thierry Mugler was her favourite fragrance, yet I had never tried Innocent so I immediately made it my duty to test it.

    There are similarities between Angel and Innocent, yet Innocent is much softer and less overpowering.

    Innocent starts off sweet and candy-like then it transforms into a warm vanilla and almond scent which is absolutely divine. This fragrance is still a gourmand like its predecessor and has the spices and chocolatey notes that made Angel so appealing.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance is "innocent", so I don't entirely agree with the name. To me, this scent is seductive, heavenly and extremely sexy. If anything this is the lighter/daytime version of Angel.

    I didn't have any qualms with the lasting strength, I thought it lasted quite well on my skin. When layered with the shower gel and body milk I can only imagine that the lasting power will be even better. I am sure that my friend will be pleased to receive this next month.

    27 April, 2011

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    lady love
    Argentina Argentina

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    While her sister Angel makes more emphasis in the sugar and candy notes, Angel innocent call your attention showing a more warm sweet citrus and fruity side.

    Angel innocent's scent is Awesome!! A sweet and warm fruit that its depth makes it a fragrance for any season..

    It's not as overwhelming and sweet as her sister Angel.

    20th May, 2010

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    This is a scent that my husband actually just doesn't have any staying power. Very nice for the winter.

    04 December, 2009

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