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Tommy Girl (1996)
by Tommy Hilfiger


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTommy Hilfiger
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger's debut feminine scent - fresh and energetic. Launched at the same time as Hilfiger's women's clothing line.

Reviews of Tommy Girl

So, it's a light, fresh, floral - I'm getting a lot less of the tea note than I expected. I had been put off tea fragrances many years ago when I had a constant supply of Bulgari Thé Vert shower gel and body lotion - I worked in a charity where a local hotel donated left over guest bottles of these and l'Occcitane products - our clients and ourselves smelled fantastic! Anyway, one day I just couldn't take the tea edge in TV any more and since then have steered clear of it in perfumes.
But here the tea blends beautifully with the flowers - and it has just the right amount of jasmine.

I also admit to prejudice against the whole preppy image of Hilfiger, and imagined that TG would be a sugar bomb. But it isn't. It's very pleasant but has enough depth to keep me sniffing. However, I'll need to reapply later as I've just been chopping celery - which adds a nice edge to TG but may be swaying my judgement.

And the best thing is - no 'aquatic' or 'melon' calone whiff (so far!).

Update: after swim and shower, I reapplied and get more tea this time, but it's still very pleasant!
08th May, 2017
This perfume is an absolutely beautiful, feminine fruity-floral! In his book "The A-Z Guide to Perfume" Turin says that this fragrance was inspired by the scents of flavored teas, and I can totally see that! I am a huge fan of a lot of flavored and specialty teas, and many of the loose leaf varieties have scents that are similar to what you smell in "Tommy Girl." It is, overall, a very sparkling, bright, sweet, fruity, flowery, pretty, delicate, feminine and refreshing scent! I would definitely buy a bottle of this perfume, and I would wear it all the time! It is, quite simply, a fragrance that gives off a lot of positive vibes! I have nothing bad to say about it at all! If there is anything to criticize though, it would be that "Tommy Girl" is a very light scent that doesn't have great longevity. It is definitely one that you'll probably need to reapply throughout the day, as the scent does fade a bit fast. I first tested this one from the actual bottle they had at one Tommy Hilfiger store I visited. But, by the time I got home the scent had disappeared, and I couldn't recall anything I wanted to sat about it! So, I finally got a sample, and was able to write this review as I sit here smelling the perfume on my wrist! :) So, yes, this is definitely a lighter scent, but that makes it a great recommendation for anyone who is looking for a great every day perfume, or one that's appropriate to wear to the office or to a job interview. This perfume is definitely a great choice, especially since it also smells so pleasant that I think it should put everyone in a good mood all day! :)
07th November, 2015
Luca Turin loved this, called it a "tea floral" and gave it 5 stars. Tania Sanchez (Mrs. Tuin) agreed.

They must have been suffering from horrendous head colds when they previewed this.

It's an oceanic melon, tempered with an artemesia woody note, copied a million times by others since 1996, but no better. To my nose it is a vile little thing, smelling just plain bad.

The number of positive reviews this has received makes me despair for the noses of the human race.
02nd October, 2015

A girl back at scholl had it all.she was beautiful, classy,smart and really nice person.she grew up to be beautiful,classy,smart and really nice woman.and their scent all those years has been TOMMY GIRL by TOMMY HILFIGER.because,like her,there is no need to shout to get noticed.the fragrance for that moment of awakening when girl becomes woman.Clean,Crisp,Joyful, Floral,Refreshing,Inoffensive,Soft and Girlish.

Soft camelia top notes drive the fragrance,subtly balanced with fresh mandarin essence and light apple three blossom.the quiet grace of sun goddess rose,day lily,honeysuscle,mint,grapefruit and violet are romancing the likes of magnolia,sadalwood,cedar and jasmine into a composition that stretches into a stanza of an amorous poem.TOMMY GIRL is the perfect romantic standby for the days you want to feel like the prom queen just like the our girl's of stories!why not everyday?...and today the our girl's of stories is 43 years old but she is still young at heart!


Longevity?Nice on my skin.

15th August, 2015
This was my signature scent when I was a teenager. The smell still puts a nostalgic smile on my face.
24th February, 2015
Genre: Fruity Floral
I’d ask how anyone could not like Tommy Girl, but I know better. Still, what an adorably cheerful, unpretentious little fragrance it is! A simple, buoyant, and transparent blend of fruit, floral notes (mostly jasmine,) and green tea that deftly avoids an overdose of melony Calone in its opening, flits effortlessly past excessive sweetness at midcourse, and lands, light as a feather, on a drydown of clean musk and soft woods. Nothing profound here: this stuff just smells happy. Wear it and smile. I did!

Note: Tommy Girl would be a great idea for guys who want something that smells clean, but wish to avoid the banal aquatics and fruity fougère Cool Water clones.
05th July, 2014

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