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Ungaro (original) (1977)
by Ungaro


Ungaro (original) information

Year of Launch1977
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People and companies

Parent CompanyFerragamo Group
Parent Company at launchSociete Parfums Ungaro Sarl

About Ungaro (original)

Re-orchestrated in 1990

Reviews of Ungaro (original)

Always being in love of powerful fragrances, I imagined this Ungaro to be the classical strong perfume fashionable in the 80s and 90s. But to my surprise the power of the first sniff disappear after few minutes. Not to say it's not nice, the first notes are flowery and fruity. Fruit notes were very different in the 80s, not as sugary, candy and childish as they are today. Fruit was sweet and ripe, deep and sunny as it should be to our tongue. It's a pity this classic notes are not lasting.
11th March, 2011
This starts off smelling like fruit-flavoured gum. Not terrible, but not what I would have expected. The fruitiness develops through fruit punch and children's birthday party notes (I really don't know how else to describe it), with a faint suggestion of fruity cocktails (the sort with a maraschino cherry), or the more exhuberant iterations of sangria. It becomes less sweet over time, but I cannot shake the image of a large fruit salad with tinned pineapple, maraschino cherries, mandarin orange segments, kiwi slices, starfruit, the whole spashed with not-100%-natural fruit juice.

This isn't terrible fragrance, or even a bad one, and I can actually imagine some sort of odd (for me) occasion on which I might be in the mood for wearing it (it would probably be preceded by a bit too much sun during the day, and a bit too much wine during dinner). This seems to be a very uncomplicated fragrance, and would not be inappropriate for a young teenager (although it is not a light fragrance, and should be accompanied by a careful explanation of the difference between pleasant sillage, and rendering people on the other side of piazza insensible).

I must just be in a good mood, but for some reason, i don't find it in me to trash this stuff. If you like serious/interesting, AVOID; I would describe this as a cheerful, silly, yet friendly fragrance.

I'm a bit puzzled by the fragrance's 'discontinued' status, since it's available in Italy (it may be old stock; today's date, for future refernce, is 22 March 2010).
22nd March, 2010
My Grandmother gave me a miniature of this perfume and I loved it.
04th May, 2009

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