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Sirène (1994)
by Vicky Tiel


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Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseVicky Tiel
Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Sirène

Sirène is a feminine perfume by Vicky Tiel. The scent was launched in 1994

Reviews of Sirène

I always have a bottle of this, in my collection. It is my "go-to" sweet to dark, powdery scent. It contains some of my favorite notes of rose, peony, and violet. I favor this on summer evenings.

A little goes a long way. Lingering sillage. Very girly-girl gift for Valentine's Day.
19th May, 2017
Sirene is a very competent, even lovely floral which defies its cost. It has a small, natural smokiness which likens it to Catalyst and Norell, two of my very favorites. The floral components are so nicely done here that the base notes are almost an afterthought- a complement to stretch the lifespan of the petals. A little out of place temporarily, but quality juice nonetheless.
11th September, 2016
Chameleon fragrance as noted by others previosly.I blind bought a half-filled spray bottle of this glorious juice. I absolutely LOVE it .Sirene smells like a one third Asja,two thirds Parfum Sacre edp blend with a bit of chocolate faintly in the drydown.Yum!
I may need to back up my bottle of this!
Highly Reccomend!
Hmm.. now that I'm home for the evening I my need to up the application from "polite level" to Total Marination!
29th January, 2013
I happened upon siren as a blind buy, had i known how beautiful the bottle was, i would have bought it anyway! this was sealed in a package, a relic of some sale item unopened. i was about knocked over upon my first application which was just a dab, as this was a mini. this one has strength! a truly potent specimin, as i sniffed my wrist i was unsure how i felt, juicy lovely peach, orange, rose, peony, a list of some of my favorite notes. with.....voilet. violet, how i do love you in the wild, but not as a subpar powdery influence in my perfumes. which was barely there.. but after ten minuites of evaporation, and puzzlement, i started getting whiffs of what smelled like alternately Laura Biagotti"s Venezia...? sigh.... and what... old, majestic, powerhouse poison? what is this strange creature on my wrist that transformes itself so, every other moment?! how very strange. on my next 40 minuite drive home with my husband, we smelled a slight almost chypre-ish quality at one point, and during the entirety as long as its not over applied, siren is a dazzling, multifaceted beauty. wearing this i love to turn around, catch my own scent, and be both puzzled, and excited by it. or catch a look of puzzlement behind me.. :-) i think this is a powerful fragrance, despite its seemingly bright cast, but softly juicy. the vanilla and woods emerge after about three hours on me to spread a soft, glow around me that opens up in our humid summer night air. it seems to be a little like Mitsouko in that it decides who it loves, and who it dosn't. It is strong, and needs to be applied with feminine skill, but Sirene leaves a trail that you want to follow!
07th September, 2012
WOW -- love this scent! Along with "Ysatis" and "Fleurissimo", I can think of fewer other women's scents that get my attention as much as Tiel's "Sirène." A lovely, lovely fragrance. And, as takemyhusbandplz pointed out, it's VERY long lasting. (In short, one need not spend the money on eau de parfum or perfume, as the EDT is quite enough.)
30th September, 2006
Even tho this scent didn't agree with me, I can see why it's called 'Sirene'. It beckons to be smelled over and over. This is one scent I cannot decide whether I like it or not.
Sirene is very strong and long-lasting. This is a scent you will either love or hate most likely. The aldehydes keep me from really enjoying this scent. Too bad because the bottle is just beautiful. At FragranceNet you can get this for like $20; will purchase just for the bottle
23rd November, 2005

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