Je Reviens (1932)
    by Worth

    Je Reviens information

    Resurrected in 2004 as Je Reviens Couture - a prestige fragrance. Previously the fragrance had slipped down into mass-market.

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    I wore the cheap stuff in the eighties, simply because it was cheap and quite fun. However, I've just had the privilege of buying the Couture and I am shocked! Is this the way it's supposed to smell? The opening is reminiscent of the cheap stuff that I know and like, but then it becomes way more complex and beautiful. I am absolutely hooked. My signature scent has always been Rive Gauche, but I think I've just found another one.

    01st September, 2012

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    This is simply one of the most magnificent scents ever created. If you haven't experienced this scent, you are missing out. I'm not familiar with the more modern re-formulations, so I can't comment on whether or not they hold a candle to the 1970s-1980s formulations that I'm acquainted with. I will always associate this with my mom's "going out" nights in the 1970s, yet it's a fragrance I enjoy wearing myself. I have a hard time describing it- it's one of those scents that you truly have to experience yourself, but I consider it thoroughly modern, in spite of it's long heritage.

    12 August, 2012

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    I thought "hot diggity, a classy EDT that's on sale". I was probably buying the reformulated modern scent.
    However, I was singing in a choir (so I heated up) & another choir member asked me to wash it off because it was making her ill.
    This made me a bit wary about using it & I noticed it tickled my own nose a little. I think it is a teeny bit heavy on the violet & way too heavy on the courmarin.
    I still like it enough that I might spray it on my feet & lower leg....or a whiff on the curtains of an open window.

    06 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 21st June, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    JE REVIENS Worth 1932 [floral, powdery]

    I will forever associate this scent with live theater, as every Playbill I accumulated throughout the sixties and seventies contained a card wrapped in cellophane redolent of Je Reviens.

    The scent is very fresh, a bright and subtle floral mix, with a hint of violet, that dries down to a soft, powdery cloud that is irresistible to others. Who is not comforted by the warmth of a softly scented powder?

    Another totally unique scent Ive not found copied by imitators.

    Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Violet, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Coumarin
    Middle Notes: Clove, Rose, Hyacinth, Lilac, Orris, Narcissus, Jonquil
    Base Notes: Amber, Frankincense, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Musk, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Tolu Balsam

    01st May, 2012

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    le mouchoir de monsieur
    France France

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    I have hesitated and pondered over the daunting task of trying to do any amount of justice to "Je Reviens" with mere words: I was asked outright by a BN cohort to submit a review, to which I responded that it would take a novel to render all of its facets, all of the elements that make this one of the most unforgettable perfumes in the world. "Je Reviens" has few peers. It is one of those singular scents that nobody ever succeeded in imitating: It has its place among the greats--Joy, Shalimar, L'air du temps, one of those rare scents that can be conjured to perfection by memory. To begin, it is indeed a confusing assignment to even try to describe what "happened" to it. In it's day, it was a wildly luxurious fragrance, extremely expensive, and made only with the finest ingredients. Many reviews compare it to the chanel woman's 5. In 1932, the 5 would be considered sassy and common, even vulgar next to "Je Reviens." Charles Frederic Worth was the very founder of Parisian Haute Couture: In its day, his house was the grandest, and the greatest of them all. Though later created and launched by his two sons, its perfume division maintained a standard that was unrivaled in its time, untouchable even by Jean Patou himself, the Great Innovator. Witness how everything about "Je Reviens" goes against the vogues of the time: Here is the very essence of elegance, not remotely, not even faintly concerned with fashion. In 70 years it has known countless "incarnations," making its name all the more ironic. Translated by Worth in English as "I Will Return," "Je Reviens" means more specifically "I'll be right back:" It's a present tense, difficult to understand in other languages, least of which English. Perhaps "I am returning" would be the closest, though somewhat awkward, translation, and "return" it did: In steps, it disintegrated all the way down to its current incarnation as a two penny "sent bon" made in England. Somehow, though, its spirit has survived: When you smell it, even today, it's still "Je Reviens," and could be no other: The brightest, most resplendent thing. Even if the current eau de toilette lasts but an hour, there is an "air de famille" in it that is unmistakeable. It blows on like glitter, and brings a smile, a caress, an aura of cool, comfortable richness. It's an heavily organic scent, very much in the way a field of overblown casa blanca lilies would be: One is perplexed that it wouldn't attract bees to the wearer. What it does attract? Men. "Je Reviens" must be the sexiest perfume ever to be put on the face of the earth. We understand why Viagra is that shade of blue once we have inhaled "Je Reviens" on the nape of a pulsating neck, in the crux of a bosom: It's a fragrance that heats up and gets all moist and sweaty in the most delightful way. Among the fields and fields of flowers, there is dark, erotic resin in the earth from which they bloom. The sweat stained and breathless afterglow is so sumptuous that finally we understand why a dumb insect will just keep poking its sucker in over and over and over, even when the flower is spent. Those who truly wish to experience "Je Reviens" in all of its promise of unimaginable splendour must procure a vintage extract: The year does not matter as much as the provenance. It must be made in France. The real deal clearly states: "Made, bottled and sealed in France by Parfums Worth, 128 rue Saint Honore, Paris, France," and even comes equipped with a tricolour French flag. Ladies: Any of you lucky enough to be in possession of one of these blue lalique bottles, use it wisely. The spell it casts will see you keeping hairy beasts at bay with a whip and a chair. Gentlemen, slap some of this nectar of eden on the veins of your prey and witness the effect down under. Who would argue? If something has refused to disappear for this long, even barely breathing in the bottom of the bargain barrel, surely, there must be something magic in it, and there is. The positively lyrical "Je Reviens" could be as close to perfection as perfumery has ever come. A grand statement, yes, but very frankly, there is nothing in it, nothing at all, that is not absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious.

    23 October, 2011

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    This review is for the original Je reviens.

    This superb powdery fragrance reminds me of one of my favourite aunts who wore it in the 60's. She was in her early 20's at the time. She always dressed very hip while remaining extremely elegant. To me, Je reviens is some sort of security blanket, a true-blue comfort-fragrance. I only have good memories of it. The warm and very well balanced mixture of jasmine, hyacinth, tuberose, ylang-ylang, rose and musk always made me feel so good. I haven't seen it in stores in years. Some fellow reviewers here say it has been modified lately. If so, this is utter infamy. I hope I will never see the new corrupted juice ever. I don't want anything to interfere with my sweet memories of Je reviens.

    16 October, 2011

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