Amazone (original) (1974)
    by Hermès

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    A fresh, sharp chypre

    A very interesting fragrance that is sharp, herbal, dry, and woody. I own the EDP, age unknown; the liquid is greenish-yellow rather than the golden yellow in the above image.

    Bergamot and black current, no sweet notes at all, leaped out at me from the first spray. It's sharp, green, and sour. Some might dislike this sharpness, but if you're patient, this develops into a unique and refreshing fragrance that is unlike any others. In some ways, Amazone reminds me of Ma Griffe and Coriandre; they all share a sharp greenness, but Amazone has a wholly different drydown.

    When the heart notes begins to appear, the bitterness is tempered by a touch of sweetness from the floral notes. Iris and jasmine are most prominent on my skin. They never really take over the green notes--they simply add depth. The light touch with the florals makes this an especially nice fragrance for very hot weather when strong florals seem cloyingly sweet.

    The drydown retains some of the herbal notes of the opening but mellows into a warm, mossy, and woody fragrance over time. "Amazone" is the perfect name for this assertive, non-girly-girl fragrance. One of a kind. Easily unisex. (Ya gotta love those 70s frags!)

    The sillage is strong, longevity good, over 7 hours.

    Pros: Refreshing, complex
    Cons: Longevity could be better

    18 May, 2013

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    Nice, casual, unimpeachable. In my opinion more of a fruity green than a green chypre, despite the alleged oakmoss in the bass. Sparkling pear at the top fades down into a faint, undefinable warm/cool bottom. Reminds me a little of Galanos. Totally pleasant, but to me unnecessary in a world that already contains Chamade and Chanel no. 19.

    03 May, 2010

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    Amazone is really classy stuff! It smells like Givenchy III, Chanel No 19, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Lancome's Climat, Guerlain's Chamade and PdN's Temps d'Une Fete all got together, decided to combine the best of all their parts, and this is the fantastic result: Green, smooth, utterly impeccable, classy floral/green-chypre. Amazone is absolutely unisex and one of those anytime, anyplace go-to "white shirt" fragrances. I especially like the earthy, almost smokey oakmoss and vetiver that grounds it more than its more ethereal & floral cousins. It has a late summer "meadow & dried leaves" accord that is fantastic. A must-try for green chypre lovers.

    07 August, 2009

    Argentina Argentina

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    in fact it worked. when i was a teen i used to apply some drops of this magic potion before gone clubbing- the result?
    i felt more confident and succeed

    13 September, 2008

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    Turkey Turkey

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    When i tried it on paper and on my wrist i have enjoyed many sparkling flower and citrus notes. I was planning to buy one when my sample runs out. But then i wore it on a hot day and i got too much pepper note which would make you think i ate too much chilis and sweating paper aroma. I could not believe to my nose at first try and retried. Result same. have to forget about it.

    09 September, 2008

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    A really great outdoor or run about town scent. Casual, but not too citrusy, still feminine. Thats the thing with the Hermès scents. Always feminine, but not like a "poule" or blowsy.

    19 September, 2006

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