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Verveine Narcisse
by Creed


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GenderShared / Unisex
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Verveine Narcisse

Verveine Narcisse is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed.

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Reviews of Verveine Narcisse

Creed Verveine Narcisse has a fairly linear development on me, with incremental changes during its 10-hour wear as it hovers closely above my skin.

It opens with a relatively dry herbal note, with few dewy drops on the grass and barely any citrus nuance. The narcissus arrives fairly quickly to mingle with the herbal note, with its slightly astringent and bitter tobacco aspect accompanied by a subtle vanilla-like creamy undertone. Verveine Narcisse then remains this softly mossy, creamy tobacco skin scent until the end, turning more amorphous and with a more prominent sweet vegetal musky undertone.

Overall, I find Verveine Narcissus a pretty solid unisex musky tobacco perfume. Its fairly low-key performance makes it a perfect everyday perfume with elegance, but on the flip side, itís not very exciting, especially if you already have your everyday tobacco perfume covered. I think fans of Ormonde Jayne Montabaco who seek a slightly more opaque and creamy version might have fun sampling Verveine Narcisse, but otherwise I donít think one would miss much without sampling it, especially considering its limited availability.
30th October, 2019
The opening is sharp, aldehydic & green, with galbanum & an impression of lily of the valley. I don't get verbena here so much as violet leaf, although there is a grassy note a few minutes in. A little later the narcissus comes through, with the emphasis on its aspects of leather & rain-soaked garden, rather than actual flowers. After the first hour, the base of moss & salty ambergris takes over, & at this point it settles very close to the skin. In the later drydown, there's a soapy sandalwood, followed by an incense-like note. It's still going softly fourteen hours in.
I expected something quite sunny & bright here, but this comes over as a rather serious & astringent perfume. It's not my kind of fragrance, but surely a great one if you love serious, green leathery florals.
19th June, 2019
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United States
This smells like a simple detergent fragrance to me. The opening is agreeable, but light - inoffensive. The base becomes tiresome, although still fairly light.
29th March, 2019
A very rare and elusive Creed to find at the time of writing this review and I was very fortunate to discover a partial flacon of this scent. The notes breakdown for this scent is rather inconclusive as almost every notes breakdown that Iíve found had a couple notes that were different specifically at the base. I would consider this a green floral scent. The opening consisted of lemon verbena which has both a citrusy lemon and floral elements. The lemon soon fades giving way to a dry grassy note accompanied by narcissus in the heart. The narcissus florals lingered into the base accompanied by mossy notes what would likely be oakmoss. I would say the drydown of Vervine Narcisse is my favorite part of this Creed. Aside from oakmoss other notes that were mentioned in the base include ambergris, amber, sandalwood, and musk. I didnít identify these notes in particular but if these were in fact there, my nose wasnít able to pick them up. Moderate silage for the first 2 hours before staying closer to the skin. The longevity was decent, I got at least 6 hours. The best time to wear this would be during the spring however I canít find a particular occasion that I would want to wear this scent. Despite saying this I consider this more of a comfort scent, a scent that I would wear when Iím in the right mood. Overall, I consider this a very wonderful green floral scent, itís a little bit different to what Iím use to smelling of this genre but itís still a great scent nonetheless. If I can find more Verveine Narcisse at a reasonable price, I wouldnít hesitate to make a purchase. This is definitely up there with Vintage Tabarome, Angelique Encens, and Scent of Oger amongst other rare elusive Creeds that I enjoy.
02nd December, 2018
Another lovely victim in 2001 of the IFRA regulations, owing to the oakmoss ingredient. From what I read, scents that contain oakmoss - identified as an allergen - have to be reformulated to have a smaller amount than is usually incorporated into them. The challenge to perfumers is to express enough of the lovely oakmoss note without violating IFRA rules on quantities used. So fragrances like Verveine Narcisse end up getting suddenly pulled from shelves without an immediate replacement...usu. ever.

Anyhow, as for my impression of this rare jewel, I love the natural green-floral quality of VN. Verbena and bergamot add that unmistakable lemony freshness; narcissus petals add a hypnotically rich and strong touch, reminiscent of jasmine and also having a heady, sweet green quality; sandalwood injects a creamy slightly ethereal musky woodiness; and ambergris, its warm, sweet and waxy Creed signature. Very credible expression of the exotic narcissus, and subjectively the dew-dropped garden surrounding a field of this flower!

Undoubtedly, Verveine Narcisse is an amazing experience that is sorely missed by countless fans. I can only go by my impressions of this fragrance from many years ago, with not even a small decant to cherish, alas.
19th September, 2018
One of the interesting older Creeds. It goes on with a very old-fashioned "oriental" amber, the kind that smells like those butterscotch candy discs, but with a weird minty booze undertone that's vaguely medicinal. This quickly makes way for a very dry, dusty sandalwood. And that's about it: Extremely dry sandalwood with undertones of minty liquor and old fashioned butterscotchy amber.

It's quite thin, yet somehow manages to keep going every time I'm sure it must have faded. Personally, I prefer Creed's other sandalwood perfumes over this (I'd sooner take Santal Imperial or Bois du Portugal), but it's not bad. It just feels like Creed has gone down this trail before, but with better results.
05th March, 2013

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