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Bayrhum Vetiver
by Creed


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Bayrhum Vetiver is a masculine fragrance by Creed.

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United Kingdom
A convincing, pure and strong Bayrhum that is freshened up by a dark and earthy Vetiver, although the latter is more an accompaniment to the main Bayrhum note. Rich and displaying the high and beautiful quality of the ingredients. It does not change much, has adequate silage and projection, and on me a longevity of over two hours.
26th November, 2012
I've been told this was out of production, by my "fragrance guy" it not? I loved this fragrance for winter, for days I didn't feel so cheerful....
06th August, 2006
Not the best. I got a free sample vile (sp!) and tried it. Yuck. Smells like pickels, or something like dill. Oliver should pull this one off the shelves pronto.
11th February, 2006
I did not like this fragrance at all. Opening is like cheap Bayberry candles (J_dubyah 2002) and after that it decomes dark and murky scent, like, for some very complicated "asshole" type personality of a man for who it was created, probably. It is unique but I wouldn't buy it. Now, if I had it maybe for month maybe I would dicover something, but no thanks.
11th October, 2005
Don't tell me!, my faithful attendant instructed me, "Let's see, very spicy, must be L'Eau de Navagateur from L'Artisan!"
"No, my good man, but an excellent guess! This is the very rare Bayrhum Vetiver from our good friends at the House of Creed."

I've never seen this discussed before. It opens with a real kick of spice, sans pepper - sort of like Chai. This is fairly short-lasting and then a nice, earthy vetiver note emerges, not unlike Goutal's Vetiver. I like this just fine, but the initial spiciness does little to accentuate the vetiver, which is my real attraction; definitely worthy of trying, however.

29th September, 2005
This fragrance reminds me of the Bayberry candles my mom used to burn around Christmas time. The bay spice is nicely sweet and lasts far longer than the base of vetiver, or it least it does on me. The vetiver is sufficiently muted that I don't believe it belongs in with other Vetivers that I've smelled. Again, definitely worth a try, but NOT worth the price tag of a Vintage Creed ($270)!
06th December, 2002

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