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1805 (1998)
by Truefitt & Hill


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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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About 1805

1805 is a masculine fragrance by Truefitt & Hill. The scent was launched in 1998

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Reviews of 1805

This is a my wife's favorite cologne on me, and I've tested a lot on her.

It starts off with a citrus opening not unlike a number of citrus/aquatic scents like ADG but ADG is much sharper - more lemon to 1805's mandarin. To my nose 1805 very quickly loses that opening and becomes different and really quite floral, a bit soapy with a spicy edge and only slightly sweet. It has a bit of the old-school barbershop cologne vibe (sandalwood/musk) but it's much more muted than T&H's other colognes. I think they struck lucky with this one.

My wife says it smells clean, classy and subtle.

Overall I think it's excellent and not one you will find many other men wearing. It's the antithesis of the trendy or hyped fragrance as T&H firmly place themselves in the trad gentleman's market.

It's biggest weakness is that it's not hugely strong or long lasting after the first couple of hours.

26th June, 2019
What's with the negative reviews? Yes, 1805 resembles ADG. But 1805 is a bit more refined and not as "fresh and loud" as ADG. 1805 lasts all day and smells like a classic Italian chypre. There is citrus here, but again, better balanced than the citrus notes in ADG. I bought a bottle and it is in my regular rotation. Fresh, clean yet understated. Not bad at all.
11th March, 2017
Fresh aquatic cologne...

This is an invigorating and really nice aromatic, citrus aquatic cologne. It is also my first Truefitt & Hill fragrance. I find it pleasing. I don't find it exceptional in any way but I do find it pleasing and lovely.

If I could describe it, I would say that it is an aquatic but without the aquatic notes. I detect a citrus, a musk, and a salty lavender note. I think these together give that impression. This is great as a starting eau de cologne which is very versatile and pleasing. One to try if you like that sort of thing.
08th August, 2016
Like grafton this is a really sophisticated and fresh conservative club smell , top notes of lemon and mandarin leading onto cedar and musk...Unfortunately like the grafton it disappears by the time you've left your front door. Why don't they make these fragrances to last and project !, I really like the scent but it's like a tease ...The only way I can think of strengthening the longivity is to maybe combine the other products in this scent line and have a good twenty minutes indulging in 1805 products.
22nd March, 2015
This is T+H's Issey Miyake clone, but it starts out weaker, sweeter, and more natural than Issey, with more realistic lemon and less of that sharp plastic vibe. It does develop a little soapiness after a few minutes, which I guess is the English barbershop goodness finding its way into an otherwise very modern scent. The soap briefly brings a clear powderiness along with it like that in Trumper's Skye, only not so much. I'd say 1805 combines elements of Issey's dry aquatic with some from a sweet aquatic (L'eau Par Kenzo). It's weak in the end compared to Issey, though I realize that's a pretty tough comparison. I also notice that the sweetness and other non-Issey-like components dissipate by the end, leaving something that's once again fairly close to the original, but more rubbery, and the rubberiness gets worse over time. May not be worth it overall.
05th December, 2011
T&H’s rendition of a modern synthetic aquatic cologne. A sweet bergamot opening, which fades quickly to a faint oceanic note. A little woods in there, but overall longevity is poor and this one just isn’t that unique or good.
09th August, 2011

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