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1881 pour Homme (1990)
by Cerruti


1881 pour Homme information

Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMartin Gras
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Elizabeth Arden > Parfums International

About 1881 pour Homme

1881 was the year Nino Cerruti's grandfather opened his textile business in Biella, Italy.
The 1881 fragrance is distinctive, natural, fresh and captures the essence of Mediterranean life.

1881 pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of 1881 pour Homme

Very classic and very manly. Always considered 1881 to be Kouros smaller Brother!!
15th November, 2017
Stardate 20170406:

I got current formulation of this. This is good stuff. Kinda like Lauder for Men. This one may be better than the current formulation of Lauder.
More citrusy than Lauder but has good balance and that animalic accord is present too. Costus was used in Lauder some other wood here.

For the price ($20/100ml) this is a no brainer
06th April, 2017
Michael Edwards classifies 1881 pour Homme as a citrus and it does have a yellow citrus and elemi theme, on which aromatic, fougère, green tree resins, white lily and big rose bouquet, iris, spicy and chypre elements progress.

Somewhat like a laid back Eau Sauvage and easier to wear, it settles to an elegant spicy fougère with dandified floral chic.

Strangely overlooked in The Guide, I wonder why, its really very good...

14th July, 2016 (last edited: 06th June, 2017)
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United Kingdom
1881 transports me to citrus groves under the beating Mediterranean sun. Not something I would usually go for and comes across a bit dated at times but there is just something about this summery fresh fragrance that I can't escape. Sillage and longevity are average on me.
30th April, 2016
During a family holiday in my university days, the folks took me into one of those used-to-be-good "duty free" perfume shops on Jersey and said "choose one of anything you like" - up to a certain price, of course. In those days I had no idea what I was looking at. I eventually chose a 100ml splash bottle of something called "Lichfield", which I selected for its smooth inoffensiveness and English tie-ins (such things being important back in the day). After that bottle was finished, I did what any non-aficionado does, that is, buy random bottles of things that I liked or thought I liked, and never the same one twice.

Fast forward about twenty years, to the birth of my more or less non-rational need to find out about all things olfactory. During a speed-test of various open bottles in Boots, I came across Cerruti 1881. Imagine my surprise when I found it to be a near-simulant of Lichfield. A second-hand purchase for closer inspection soon followed.

Cerruti is rather "rougher" than Lichfield but I am intrigued to note how simliar two scents can be that both pertain to exemplify life in disparate locations - the manicured lawns and woodland of the home counties on one hand, the rugged Mediterranean coasts on the other.

Cerruti starts for me with a melange of aromatics, particularly juniper, lavendar, and citrus. I don't get too much by way of transition through a heart phase, but it ends with traces of the top notes alongside a generous helping of fir balsam, a favourite of mine and the dominant note by far.

Super to wear without thinking in the summer. Masculine but not brainless, and particularly good value. Some difference in the reviews, but my inexperienced nose has this down as a chypre. Average longevity and sillage, but that's average for me, so very satisfactory.
12th April, 2016
I didn't realise I hadn't reviewed this so here goes :
I've owned this for a few years and had distinctly different impressions of it in that time.
On first acquaintance I got that "lewdness" or "indecency" that a couple have mentioned which I'm not quite sure how to describe, but was present in the top notes, soon giving way to something fresh, distinctive and rather pleasant.
Wearing it months later in the summer I noticed the dryness and freshness of the herbs, particularly basil, in the opening and how great the drydown was in the heat ( the citrus really lasts, unusually)
Wearing it again today in the cold I noticed blackcurrant for the first time, and checked the notes here to see if that was listed, as I was really enjoying wearing it and got the bit of sweetness I'd always felt was just lacking from the edt ( though not the aftershave, which is less dry citrus/herbal in character and recommended ). Also I finally identified the juniper which gives this scent much of it's character.
In short I'll be replacing my bottle when it eventually runs out. Perhaps not an earth shattering fragrance but distinctive, versatile and fairly complex and with good projection and longevity, plus available remarkably cheaply.
15th March, 2016

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