1881 (1990)
    by Cerruti

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    1881 was the year Nino Cerruti's grandfather opened his textile business in Biella, Italy.
    The 1881 fragrance is distinctive, natural, fresh and captures the essence of Mediterranean life.

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I tried 1881 for the first time about 2 or 3 years ago, and thought it was OK but nothing special - but every now and then I'd try a sample again in a store, and I started thinking "You know, this really isn't bad at all".

    And it really started to grow on me. Last time I was in Boots (UK chain) a few weeks ago, where it's almost always at a knockdown price, I tried it again and came close to buying it - and after I got home I still had the very nice drydown with me and regretted not getting it.

    Well, today I was in Boots again, and I checked my Boots card points and I had enough for a 100ml bottle - so I got one.

    I can see the nodding acquaintance with Eau Sauvage that carlos-uk mentioned, and with YSL Jazz (especially in the drydown) - and I love both of those. All in all, 1881 is a very well constructed fragrance and it develops nicely with very good longevity - I find it hard to believe I didn't immediately love it on first encounter.

    19 January, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    This was one of my earlier scents before I got into the more niche brands. It's a surprisingly good fragrance - quite masculine with some nice notes in there, although nothing more than "nice". You get a fresh burst of zesty citrus and basil in the opening which eventually dries-down to a slick woody base of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk and Oakmoss. Grab a small bottle and keep it in your car or leave in the travel bag for those work journeys away from home. Sorted!

    09 January, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    One of those "unremarkable" fragrances that I realised I was buying my fifth bottle of last week and therefore perhaps not "unremarkable" at all.

    This does have a minor resemblance to Eau Savage too it but it's a passing nod rather than the full on 'yes, I showered then pissed myself and let it go stale' smell that I can't handle about Eau Savage. Equally, the current formulation reminds me a little, initially at least of YSL Jazz.

    I always associate this fragrance with Indecent Proposal (the movie) as Robert Redfords wardrobe was from the 1881 collection for that movie. This fragrance was doing the rounds at the time. It has never been a BIG thing, certainly not in this country but it's still there on the shelf. I'm inclined to say the quality has slipped a little. The box isn't as detailed as it once was and the scent, close though it is, isn't the same but them, what from that time is?

    I can really add nothing more other than to say, I love it. I would have been 13/14 years old when this came out. I liked it at the time but it was too old for me then. Not so anymore. Love to wear it and long may it continue.

    An unsung hero.

    05 January, 2014

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    sherif sayed

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    I love this fragrance much a favorite for between men's fragrances, classic and elegant and good persistence on clothing.

    01st April, 2013

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    I am conflicted about this scent, Its mostly my backup in a hurry. The Bergamot, Lemon and Basil hit you right away intensely. Its a bit strong for me. The Rosey Blackcurrant note comes after a bit, I wish it was balanced well. Once this cologne is worn for a few hours, the musky sandalwood smell arrives and that is its welcome. this is an odd cologne that I dont like right away so what I sometimes do is spray it on my clothes few hrs before i wear them and spray the insides of shirts and collars so it blends with the skin

    15 January, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A classy and powerful, slightly sweet harmony of greens, florals and woods with top notes of bright citrus - some might call this a woody chypre. This fragrance was ubiquitous in the early '90s when it was launched, and to my mind remains a classic, certainly my favourite scent for men by the house of Cerruti.

    Opens with a burst of citrus and herbal freshness that dries down to a warm accord of herbs and vivid floral notes which add sweetness to the overall impression, but not too much. The basenotes are dry in contrast to the top and heart of this composition, comprising a glorious blend of woods that exude refinement.

    Silage on the EDT is impressive, a few sprays at most will suffice, with longevity also commendable on my skin, particularly in colder weather when this exceeds 12 hours. Highly recommended.

    16 November, 2012

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