212 Men (1999)
    by Carolina Herrera

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    The second men's fragrance by Carolina Herrera. This unique fresh fragrance is packaged in a delightful metal and glass bottle with a magnetic lid (Designed by Fabien Baron).

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    100ml EdT
    100ml EdT
    100ml EdT

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    A little on the synthetic side but still love it

    Great summer scent. The projection is heavy IMO and the longevity is out of this world ESPECIALLY if on clothes. In the mornings i will hit my pulse points and will still smell it on my clothes 3 days later even though they've been sitting in a hamper.

    Dries down to a nice mellow scent. Can't be beat for the money.

    Pros: Nice clean sweet smell, longevity, great projection
    Cons: synthetic opening"

    22 July, 2013

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    when this first came out i was a fan, fresh yet plastic but clean, mostly for synthetic lovers i guess.. not mad now about this, but it used to push some buttons in the past ; pretty signature too.

    09 May, 2013 (Last Edited: 12 May, 2013)

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    Norway Norway

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    off putting scent. highly synthetic. I mark the launch of 212 with the decline of fragrances. since then most of the designers started a trend of synthetic scents.

    05 April, 2013

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    I really like this fragrance. It works really well on my skin. It's kind of clean and kind of boozy at the same time. It works well with someone who smokes, if that makes sense. I think it's great.

    27 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    In find this fragrance to be a little unisex. It is very fresh, full of floral and citrus notes. It is said it has sandalwood and musk as base notes, but I don't smell these typically manly scents at all. So I feel this is a unisex fragrance. Though I don't classify this cologne as an aquatic one, I'd say it has the same use, and thus is an alternative, to a pure aquatic cologne, good for summer during the day time when you want to smell fresh in the outdoors under the high heat of summer. This is a middle of the road composition that is versatile enough to wear if you cannot afford having other colognes for different occasions (i.e., night time, dates, etc) in your collection. Great for the younger crowd, not so much for the more mature.

    16 January, 2013

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    What this is:
    - nice, pleasant, fresh garden scent; dominated by cut grass and floral tones in equal measure
    - safe choice (non-offensive)
    - all year round scent; won't become suffercating in hot temperatures and not too fresh to be contained to summer
    - suitable for most occasions - although a bit underwhelming for date /club setting
    - long lasting
    - good potential first signature scent

    What this isnt:
    - complex
    - high quality (uses synthetic tones)
    - masculine (perhaps too floral for real men!)

    Although this has a lot going for it and is popular with the ladies (probably due to its fresh, floral nature) the scent itself is quite basic and underwhelming. Also compared to the likes of Prada and Chanel this smells cheap and synthetic, lacking elegance and sophistication. Don't get me wrong, this is a pleasant smell but isn't the most adventurous or classy scent on the market by any means. A reasonable blind buy but don't expect to be blown away.

    01st January, 2013

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