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212 Men (1999)
by Carolina Herrera


212 Men information

Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 644 votes)

People and companies

HouseCarolina Herrera
PerfumerAlberto Morillas
PerfumerRosendo Mateu
PerfumerAnn Gottlieb
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About 212 Men

The second men's fragrance by Carolina Herrera. This unique fresh fragrance is packaged in a delightful metal and glass bottle with a magnetic lid (Designed by Fabien Baron).

212 Men fragrance notes

Reviews of 212 Men

I get more of the spice and pepper in this one. Maybe it's my body but I don't get much of the citrus or green scents coming through. It definitely has longevity and sillage.
17th June, 2017
Nearly a perfect summer men's fragrance. A pleasant fresh, citrus, and masculine fragrance that projects well and lasts a full day. What more can you ask? Carolina Herrera hit this one out of the park.
04th March, 2017
Such a classic! The musk and sandalwood combo stays pleasant on me all day. Elicits compliments and simply a joy to wear.
14th November, 2016
What I now think of when I hear the words "fresh synthetic woody amber" strung together. 212 isn't terrible, to be fair, but it's highly synthetic in that potentially irritating chemical kind of way that smells aggressive but also somehow ambiguous. It starts out as a sharp, minty metallic sour grass and slowly develops some softer, sweeter edges through the development of a pale floral accord and either some amber or tonka in the base. It reminds me of something I might have worn years ago in college before heading out to a loud overcrowded bar to get aimlessly drunk. As is, it sort of seems loud and aimless itself at times and it's easy to over-apply it, so watch out. But as I said earlier, it's not terrible, and oddly, it garners compliments. I've no complaints about its performance and worn light enough, 212 has some nice moments. The bottle's not bad either, with a good cap and atomizer. Still, considering its highly synth nature and fairly common smell (I'm convinced many attempts have been made to clone this, I'm going neutral on this one.
11th February, 2016
I have got a lot of compliments from this fragrance & I used to love it, longevity & projection both excellent.

However, lately (SOMETIMES) I am getting a weird vibe which reminds me of "Gutkha" (a kind of chewing tobacco with betel nut) which is widely available in Indian Sub-continent.

The problem here is it actually smells like the Gutkha is chewed & spat out on a Mild steel plate which is rusting.

Hence the smell i get is the rusting MS plate with some fresh green accords.

Really weird!!!

27th September, 2015 (last edited: 29th September, 2015)
this is one of my brother's favourite fragrances and for a while i had to borrow it from him, because i didin't own any fragrances.

from the moment I sprayed it, i was hooked. it gave me this fresh,ultra modern and cool smell, that made me think i was the coolest and best semlling dude out was amazing.

after purchasing a bottle and wear it for several months now, i began to detect the metalic and musky note in the dry down, and i have to say it is a little cloying and anoying to my nose.

this is a perfect casual outdoors scent for spring and fall. be careful with the trigger though, or you will choke people up!

13th September, 2015

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