A*Men / Angel Men (1996)
    by Thierry Mugler

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    This very distinct sweet fragrance is one of those you either love or hate. Based strongly on the ladies Angel; A*Men (Angel Men in the US) contains unusual notes of Chocolate, Coffee and Caramel. Most of the notes are "edible", so this would appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. Funky bottle too, which is also available encased in black rubber, that is not only looks stylish but is ideal for travelling.

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    This is a truly amazing fragrance. Complete opposite of a linear fragrance. I personally love this one from start to finish. Definitely a fall or winter scent that will get you noticed. Some will love it and some will the it but hey there's no pleasing everyone. As soon as my sample is gone I will be purchasing a 100ml bottle if this. This scent makes me want to try all of Thierry mugler's line of fragrances.

    24 February, 2014

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    I created an account just for the purpose of writing a review on this fragrance. I purchased this cologne blindly (worst mistake I've ever made) and sprayed a very small amount on my skin to test it out. The nausea that ensued, coupled with headache from the fumes, is something that I will never forget. I only wish I was exaggerating or joking, it really was that bad.

    Maybe it is just my sense of smell, or how it reacts with my skin, but I must say that this will go down as one of, if not the worst purchase I've ever made.

    Please please please do yourself a favor and find this in a store and try it out before you even think of buying it. As it stands, I'm giving away my bottle (which is full but for one half-spray).

    Pros: Admittedly, the dry down isn't that terrible, but it takes too long to reach, and isn't even close to pleasant enough to be worth the wait.

    Cons: It made me nauseous. Extremely pungent in a very horrible way.

    21st February, 2014

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    Daniel C.
    United States United States

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    This stuff just ruined my day. I've been reading some of the reviews on this and thought I'd swoop by the mall at lunch and spray some on to see for myself. One tiny little squirt on my wrist; really, that's it. I'm back here at work and the whole office is pissed off at me. My presence is filling the building. I've tried to wash it off twice but it's still hitting me like a punch in the face. Everyone knows it's me. This is like a cruel practical joke. Forget the "notes" or whatever. People are starring and I have a meeting in an hour. This would be funny if I could get it off. But I can't. I'm a little bit embarrased.

    Make sure you spray yourself at least 6 times before you go to work. You'll get noticed. Chicks will dig you. Your boss will love it.

    (just kidding. don't ever do that.. really.)

    Maybe onion will get it off.

    11th February, 2014

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    Wearing A*Men is little like dressing like a rock star: you will stand out, you will get attention, not all of it good. I have put a *single shot* on after my morning shower and still been able to smell it 23 hours later upon waking up.

    The scent itself is lovely, I will let others with more refined noses discuss the notes. If you like the scent it is an easy buy, but you damn well better like it because you will be smelling it all day. I wish the bottle had a 'half shot' selector switch.

    While I do like it, this one is relegated to my "one in a while" pile with my skinny jeans and band t-shirts.

    06 February, 2014

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    Chile Chile

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    The best part of this fragrance is the bottle...

    ...seriously, forget about the content of this designer bottle, guaranteed to stand out in your bathroom - but why would someone buy a fragrance only for the refillable bottle in chrome or gold version?

    What about the fragrance?

    In my humble opinion its definitively not for men !
    It's a cloying, sticky and extremely sweet scent, very loud and strong, guaranteed to radiate for more than 10 meters around you. Could be defined as the extract of a couple of boxes of different kind of chocolates, M$M's, some sweets from your kids last birthday party mixed with a couple of drops of honey and caramel.
    If you wish to walk around as something edible and yuckyly sweet, go ahead.
    To be honest, I bought this stuff (blind) on ebay and gave it upon arrival to my mother in law as a gift - to whom else should I have given this powdery and cloying subtance without feeling guilty? However I asked her to keep the bottle for me, once she finishes its content... hope it won't take forever.

    15 January, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    Seriously, this is meant to be a fragrance for men or an air freshener?
    I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would wear such a strong and loud scent. Maybe if I were dancing around all night in a club, this could be my fragrance, but in the real world no thanks. This stuff is cloying, powdery, unimaginative and the packaging is virtually satanic. Eau Hell no!!

    09 January, 2014

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