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Acier Aluminium (1973)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1973
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Acier Aluminium

Inspired by the armor of interlocking metal (known as "chain mail") worn by knights in the Middle Ages, Acier Aluminium makes a daring statement of unmistakably masculine strength and power.

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Reviews of Acier Aluminium

Was a signature scent for many years when feeling at my dandyish, and I still have bottles of it stashed away for a rainy day, but somehow Caron's 3'eme Homme just does most of what this does far better and with more polish. The overdose of ambergris though is the thing that still draws me back from time to time - and makes it a unique proposition.
30th June, 2017
Yes indeed....Acier Aluminum is a work of art; I received a bottle for a great price and having read reviews wasn't very sure what I purchased. Unbeknownst to me and too my surprise I really like this! AA opens very piney, however that leaves and you began yo take in this amber, vanilla like aroma. AA, is said to smell like banana and metallic however either neither banana nor metallic in this composition. Does it fall in line with GIT or IM, or even! I wold AA is in a league of its own just like Bois du Portugal. Can it be dated, only if when you listen to others mention this. If you approach AA without the preconceived notions I think you'd get a better or give a better judge of character for this fragrance. I really enjoy this, maybe a go to fragrance in rotation. I think this is a masculine fragrance with the pine, leather, amber....makes a great fragrance for me. Maybe closely related to Bois du Portugal...
29th November, 2015
metallic, fruit chypre that develops great with body heat and this makes it a good summer scent, alas it has poor duration....
28th May, 2015
Acier Aluminum was polarizing from start to finish evoking memories of eating fruit that I disliked at a young age. In short, this one did not work out for me and I consider it one of my least favorite Creeds that I’ve smelled. The opening consisted of fruits and spices with a dab of bergamot. Many people suggested the presence of a banana note and I do agree to an extent. This ‘banana’ note I thought smelled more like a fusion between over-powering lab chemical smells in a chemistry lab and rotten fruit that was forgotten about in someone’s kitchen. I suspect the spices and fruit notes with bergamot created this illusion. In time, this profound smell subsided drying down to an amber/vanilla and ambergris drydown. Some of the fruits and spices linger into the drydown tinging it making sure that it’s not forgotten at the end. Overall, AA does have a dated feel to it and does not resemble stuff that is worn today. As mentioned from others, AA gives off a ‘1970’s porn/sexual’ vibe although I don’t get this correlation at all to the scent. Longevity and silage was excellent in which I got a good 8 hours with above moderate silage for the first several hours. As for versatility and occasions, I can’t think of an occasion to wear this fragrance. For versatility, I will say that it will be more suited for the colder weather as it’s quite potent. IMO, it probably won’t be the best choice of a fragrance in both casual and formal occasions. Overall, Acier Aluminum was a profound disappointment and I really have no kind words for it, good riddance.
05th April, 2015
It's like a fruity spice with wood underneath it. The wood reminds a little of the wood in Royal English Leather but more subdued.
23rd November, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
From the start I get the flavour of a nice bown of overripe fruit: banana pear, pineapple, and more, counterbalanced by a touch of bergamot. The base is the hallmark Creed ambergris, softened up by a bit of vanilla, ending on a nice barbershop-soapy accord on my skin. Very pleasant, never cloying, with decent silage, good projection on about six hours of longevity on my skin - a nice spring scent.
29th September, 2014

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